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  1. APS Member groups. What these colors mean and their duties in this community.Admins-APS Community web hosting administration-IPB(Invision) System Administration-Technical Understanding and management-Monitors the interchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads.-Provisioning and Dependability (APS community issues not financial) -Handles Pressure for the pasaway members and maintain peace and order of the community-Full access on all the IPB forums-Follows forum rulesMembersDrakeMang TonioREDivivus.WRAITHSupreme Moderators-Has admin forum set permissions (meaning with some access to admin settings on duties/permissions)-Monitors the interchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads.-Provisioning and Dependability (APS community issues not financial) -Handles Pressure for the pasaway members and maintain peace and order of the community-Full access on all the IPB forums-Follows forum rules MembersN Maveriq™HelfayvModerators-Has moderator forum set permissions (Move/open/close/lock topics. Ban pasaway members)-Monitors the interchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads.-Provisioning and Dependability (APS community issues not financial) -Handles Pressure for the pasaway members and maintain peace and order of the community-With access on moderator and VIP forums-Follows forum rulesMembersDemonyong AnghelKaizerMiggyKraidazenRider G3-XVinno B. RochaPips noturextraordinaryguy Vader KabukiWarrior APS Contributors-Hyper active and visits frequently-Contributes consistently on different areas of this community-With access on VIP forums-Follows forum rulesMembers .X. technoviking zeroa_45 beembeem wating94 GabeN-sama BryndenLim Savage PulisPangkalawakan Smeagol JOHNNYD darktooth repapips9 RTZ roboratzinger iggyb dong_neo jean daedra muwu APS Elite -Very rare elites that are invited to join this group for being active, talented and hardworking contributor/photographer who's Reputation/Likes goes sky high (meaning his/her posts are being appreciated by members). These members support the site by consistently posting updates, sharing their rares and exclusive sets. -With access on some VIP forums -Follows forum rules Members charlieshotme APS Alumnus-Former APS Moderators/Contributors and personal friends who went fu**ing busy in life but still visits us sometimes to say hi -Follows forum rulesMembers ate_sha Basti dreads21 GeoGunz V2 jed_212 keiko Letranknight McDreamy Pektus poknat14 PuffPuffPass Boneo Rockpen Steel_Max thegamehbk thereisnoicecolainhell viperdiablo hell0_garci jobyraghu Mr. White Blizzy01 qneho dawg asim0 APS Supporters-Members who voluntarily contributed (any amount) financially for our domain name and hosting fees.-Follows forum rulesMembers Duke Lakansugo drei Cthulhu flick JinPlz82 fujicko Feel free to send a PM on any of the Admins/Moderating Team for any issues thanks!ENJOY your stay!!!
  2. For the sake of curiosity. Let's see how creative your mind was when you created your fancy internet identity. Where did it came from or what does it mean? I'll start For those who knew me since APS ver. 1 you would understand why I came up with this name. For those who are new here's a description from the dictionary. red·i·vi·vus ˌredəˈvīvəs,-ˈvēvəs/Submit adjectiveliterary come back to life; reborn. wraith rāTH/Submit noun a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death. aka RED.WRAITH who's next?
  3. Shoutout kay APS supporter @fujicko for donating again sa ating APS fees. Maraming salamat on behalf of the APS team.
  4. I have created this thread for any inquiries or inputs parang masyado ata kami ma bombard sa PMs eh hehehe (pero feel free to PM lang din) Anyway thanks for all the interest in helping out. We will update everyone on this thread as well. On behalf of the APS team thank you in advance!!!
  5. I think Daenerys will back stab Jon Snow for the Iron Throne. But I maybe wrong, we'll see. Episode 3 will cost a lot of main characters lives I think hehehe
  6. Revision 3 updated and reviewed by APS staff - 05/24/2016 Are you an active and long-time member of APS? If so, you have a chance to upgrade your status and gain access to the VIP Area! Apply to become an APS Contributor and get your rank status changed. Get access to VIP materials and be able to enjoy and share your rare finds inside the VIP area exclusively. Requirements for application: (1) Must be a member of APS for at least four (4) months, in good standing, and has shown positive forum activity* (2) Must have at least one hundred fifty (150) posts to apply**. (3) Must have at least fifty (50) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***. (4) Must have uploaded at least 25 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format "yourname"****. (5) Must have at least 200 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members) *"In good standing" means have not been reprimanded, warned, or banned; "positive forum activity" refers to having logged in the forum at least a couple of times a week and have interacted with members and staff alike (APS understands that not everyone cannot log in on a regular basis; however, it is expected that a prudent member would have the effort to check in once in a while to see minimum activity); furthermore, it is of utmost importance to emphasize your, the applicant, trustworthiness as established through your interactions with the staff and the members. Any breach in confidentiality between you and the other members and/or staff could potentially result in your application being turned down (this is the cornerstone of becoming a part of an exclusive community; think about this, if you're keeping something important but would like people to see it, wouldn't it make sense to show it to people who you know for sure you can trust?) **Post count includes the total of both topics started and replies to posts/topics you and/or others started; bear in mind that one-liner replies, speed-posting, and non-sense posts do not count and will be deleted per the discretion of APS. ***Topics started can be in any categories viewed in the members' area; you can start a new one by first introducing yourself in the Welcome Area, so that's one down! Please remember that, much like regular posts, the topics you start must be sensible, or it will be deleted. ****Uploaded files must be zipped using winrar or winzip and password protected; if you have any questions on how to, please refer to the Tips and Tricks forum or ask any of the staff. Your files can either be attached to the topic you started or be hosted from an external file-hosting site. If you are interested, then make a NEW Thread here with the subject "Applying". Include ALL YOUR BOARD TOPICS Links (Direct Links Allowed) below your thread so they can be evaluated by APS staff If, however, you do not meet or do not satisfy any one (1) of the above five (5) requirements, then please don't bother to apply as your application will be ignored. DISCLAIMER Your application shall be reviewed by the APS staff, which will decide whether or not the team will grant you an APS contributor status. If your application is denied, The admin will disclose the reason of rejection. When application has been rejected please be advised that you have to wait minimum of 1 week. Please comply with the requirements before considering to reapply again. Good Luck!
  7. Paano mo nasabi? LOL Ok update ko ito Boobsie Edition 7. Jamine Way (Ginawa ko seven sa akin actually marami pa eh hehehe) 6. Dreah Go Larrate 5. Paula Valbuena 4. Arisa Hui 3. Emma Bolocon 2. Yen Santos 1. Pandora Kaaki
  8. Bulls on Parade - RATM
  9. Thanks for keeping this place updated and being hyper dito sa APS pre!!! In the future if you decided to join the team let us know.
  10. Aralin niyo it's cool. You look smart pag nasolve mo even if I am not hahaha The strategy is solving it by layer and may mga moves na kailangan tandaan pag namemorize mo na easy na lang hehe
  11. I heard it's good. Try ko nga silipin.
  12. Most members ever online in one day was 491, last accomplished on 15 Sep 2015. First banned member - rumbert - banned 07/13/2010
  13. Split and merged it here instead para hindi na humaba pa ang discussion sa thread ng napaka seksing si AJ Ocampo. Tsaka baka alisin ni lolo @Drake yung posting privilege ko eh hehehe We don't have to delete anything you said nothing wrong. Everyone has a freedom of speech sa APS. Ang ayaw lang namin yung mga bastos at akala mo kung sino maka asta Hindi naman po kami nabuwag FYI sabi nga ni lolo @Drake. We are still the same admins/staff and magtotropa who came from Private Pinay to PinayXposed and ibat iba pang url names na lumabas and now the most famous is APS!!! Thanks for staying with APS and we know why you guys are still here. Because APS is the best among sa mga pinay forums platform out there. Nung nawala kami is server issues lang but we remain active and updated sa APS FB. APS has been and will always be a sharing group. Kung medyo naatat kayo sa AJ set pasensiya na we are just doing our job. And to give respect na din sa mga photogs natin especially if it's a paysite. Kung mapapansin niyo we post full sets as well pero most of them ay hindi naman member ng APS ang photogs or hindi naman nag rerequest yung site na itake down. But in this case (AJ by Eli) They requested. I hope all the members here on APS understand. Salamat!
  14. Thanks sa interest on helping out mga pre. As of now paypal pa lang muna ang option natin. We will try to do our best to have another option for this. ....hopefully
  15. Got it! Salamat sa iyong contious support!!!
  16. Yes @JinPlz82 Thanks for your continuous support!
  17. Nilalabanan namin dati sa Recto mga noobs sa Starcraft. Kunwari di pa masyado marunong for pustahan bayad laro para makalibre kami hahaha
  18. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  19. hahaha ako din naka imbak na sa baul now mga caps sa inaalikabok na hard drives lol Naalala ko tuloy mga naka add sa friends list ko puro showgirls hahahaha Those were the menyek days natin!!!
  20. Buti kayo chatting with barkada's sa YM ang naalala niyo. The only memories I remember with YM are showgirls and YM booters tool hahaha
  21. Thanks for helping out @fujicko
  22. Welcome sa APS fujicko and thanks for helping out! Matagal ka pala members ah 2010 pa anyway.... like what we always say to everyone just stay active and wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!!!
  23. Huwaw mas classy mga models dito ah (no offense meant sa LUR lol) Sana nga totoo ito at hindi scam lang lalo na yung kay Maica Palo.
  24. Thanks for understanding jigoy no offense meant! Our message is not being addressed to you alone or kay @darkzone711135 but for everyone na din. Your suggestion to add it on the rules to make it black and white will be discussed on the staff area and come up with the best solution for this. As of now we just want the photogs to continue what they are doing kaya pumasok sa aming mga isipan randomly ang mga ganitong bagay. Imagine if nalulugi sila dahil madami nakakakuha ng libre at wala na gusto mag shoot ulit sa ibang models. Kawawa naman tayo mga menyeks lol
  25. To all members we are not forbidding this stuff to get posted. We just want to spare the photogs ng kahit kaunting images lang na matira para naman may bumili pa din kasi like what the rest of the staff said these photographers work hard for this para ibenta and posting the whole set will affect their sales. We can allow posting it maybe a few like 3 or 6 images. Remember we have APS members na LURMAG photogs din. Imagine if you were the photog who owns this set paid the model and all other expenses just to get this shoot done..... Will you still continue organizing a shoot kung wala na bumibili kasi nakukuha lang ng libre? .....think about it