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  1. agree with Giannis as the MVP. as with COTY, they've already awarded it to Mike Budenholzer DPOY - i think Rudy Gobert will win it again ROY - Luka all the way. though i won't be surprised if Trae Young wins it or if they become co-ROY 6th man - it should still be Lou Williams. Montrezl Harrell is a close 2nd MIP - Paskal Siakam hands down
  2. professional food eater, full time father, sales
  3. It's the campaign period and once again, we hear a lot of promises from our HONORABLE politicians. They will promise a lot during these period and maybe some of it will happen when they win, but most of the time, it is just that PROMISES. In light of this, let's make this list of the changes that we want and need. let's all be idealist for minute or two. First is I'd like to see a better public transport system. the ongoing projects for the expansion of the LRT/MRT, PNR, subway is good for us long term. but they also need to manage it properly to avoid those dreaded MRT fiascoes. Also, our PUV's needs to be organized better. a proper loading/unloading areas is needed. and a more efficient dispatching system needs to be implemented so that it limits the number of PUVs on the road at the same time. this will be extremely difficult to handle because the PUVs are all private owned. i'd also like to see more discipline on the road, not just for vehicles but for pedestrians and traffic enforcers as well. it will be great if everyone will follow all traffic signs and traffic laws properly implemented. That's just at the top of my head. what's yours?
  4. used this twice already, 1st for car registration and 2nd for license renewal. all i can say is that its negligible. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO IT. it's the same procedure as doing a walk in. maybe i was just expecting that there will be a special lane for those who bothered to do an appointment over those who didn't. hey, isn't that what appointments do??!!
  5. PRRD has made some notable changes but his antics are a distraction. he is putting mud into his own administration. even though he has a self confessed hatred for drugs, at the back of my mind, he is a drug lord. i like the rehab drive at boracay and manila bay. hopefully it can continue with other places. our leader can all only go as far as we follow him
  6. Magic Johnson just quit as President of Basketball Operations
  7. aside from the excercises mentioned above, i suggest you also take out sugar from your meals/snacks. avoid salty junk foods as well. I lost about 4-5kgs in a month by taking out sugar and junk foods while doing these excercises: 1. burpees 2. push ups 3. high knees 4. squats 5. mountain climbers 6. planks
  8. 1. yassi pressman 2. liza soberano 3. karylle tatlonghari 4. julia montes 5. heaven peralejo
  9. i have a sony a6000 with a sony e 35mm f/1.8 oss lens and the kit lens. just for family photos and hobby shoots
  10. agree with sir miggy. this is all planned to push thru with the building of the dam. no punishments were given to manila water or to any mwss officials
  11. BURIED is not a mindf*cked movie but is a you're f*cked now bitch type of movie. If you put yourself into the shoes of the character, i'll bet you'll feel uneasy right away. EXTINCTION on netflix is a mystery movie that has a good twist towards the end
  12. 1. a series of unfortunate events 2. sex education 3. santa clarita diet
  13. here are some new series that i would recommend (all on netflix): 1. a series of unfortunate events - overall, its a good series. acting, costume, details are good. 2. sex education - this series is hilarious 3. lost in space - just forget about the 90's movie of the same title 4. kingdom - a korean zombie period piece. 5. santa clarita diet - a comedy about being a zombie 6. the umbrella academy - a new take on superheroes
  14. thanks! but i won't be buying another console again for the foreseeable future
  15. when my brand new family computer lasted just the whole summer time because of over use hahaha it was always on the whole day the entire summer. also, i tried playing resident evil on ps1 and i only lasted until the opening door scene before turning off the ps1. it really crept me out. but i eventually played the game again on another day. lastly, i haven't played for quite some time until i purchased a ps3. i immediately played nba 2k11 and to my surprise, AI has gotten a lot better. it really took me some time before i could beat the computer
  16. good to know sir dhiesenphi. thanks for the info
  17. sammie rimando chie filomeno coleen garcia bianca umali yassi pressman
  18. with the season almost over my top teams of the future are: 1. denver nuggets - a lot of young players. they're currently in the top 5 teams in the nba. now, they'll be getting a very valuable playoff experience. next season, they'll be adding a (hopefully) healthy michael porter jr. they also need to improve defensively as a team. 2. philadelphia 76ers - they've been my pick since joel embiid played his 1st game. they lost a lot of their shooters from last season but have been aggressive in the trade market during the season. they just need a healthy embiid and a jump shot from simmons to stay atop of the eastern conference for the foreseeable future.
  19. michael jordan - the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
  20. we've been using sky broadband 25mbps for 1,899/month for almost 2yrs now. down speed is good, up speed is capped at 3mbps though. installed within 2 days of our application. would have loved to use fiber connection but both pldt and converge are slow with their services. overall, i'm satisfied with sky
  21. it seems that i have a lot of catching up to do hahaha
  22. chie filomeno ysabel ortega sofia andres barbie imperial liza soberano