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  1. pwede kaya yung paymaya card ko pag nag purchase
  2. yehey 204 n like konting post na maabot ko na VIP makikita na kita sa wakas yun nga lang nakalimutan ko na mga pinost ko hahah

  3. akala ko may movie na ang title eh Ginataan: halo halong sarap hahaha
  4. Zues-King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus; god of the sky and thunder. Youngest child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Symbols include the thunderbolt, eagle, oak tree, scepter and scales. Brother and husband of Hera, although he had many lovers. Hera- Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage and family. Symbols include the peacock, pomegranate, crown, cuckoo, lion and cow. Youngest daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Wife and sister of Zeus. Being the goddess of marriage, she frequently tried to get revenge on Zeus' lovers and their children. Poseidon-Lord of the seas, earthquakes and horses. Symbols include the horse, bull, dolphin and trident. Middle son of Cronus and Rhea. Brother of Zeus and Hades. Married to the Nereid Amphitrite, although, like his brother Zeus, he had many lovers. Dionysus-God of wine, celebrations and ecstasy. Patron god of the art of theatre. Symbols include the grapevine, ivy, cup, tiger, panther, leopard, dolphin and goat. Son of Zeus and the mortal Theban princess Semele. Married to the Cretan princess Ariadne. The youngest Olympian, as well as the only one to have been born of a mortal woman. Apollo- God of light, music, poetry, prophecy and archery. Symbols include the sun, lyre, bow and arrow, raven, dolphin, wolf, swan and mouse. Twin brother of Artemis. Youngest child of Zeus and Leto. Artemis-Virgin goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery and all animals. Symbols include the moon, deer, hound, she-bear, snake, cypress tree and bow and arrow. Twin sister of Apollo. Eldest child of Zeus and Leto. Hermes-Messenger of the Gods; god of commerce and thieves. Symbols include the caduceus (staff entwined with two snakes), winged sandals and cap, stork and tortoise (whose shell he used to invent the lyre). Son of Zeus and the nymph Maia. The second-youngest Olympian, just older than Dionysus. He married Dryope, the daughter of Dryops, and their son Pan became the god of nature, lord of the satyrs, inventor of the panpipes and comrade of Dionysus. Athena-Virgin goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, defence and strategic warfare. Symbols include the owl and the olive tree. Daughter of Zeus and the Oceanid Metis, she rose from her father's head fully grown and in full battle armor after he swallowed her mother. Ares-God of war, violence and bloodshed. Symbols include the boar, serpent, dog, vulture, spear and shield. Son of Zeus and Hera, all the other gods (excluding Aphrodite) despised him. His Latin name, Mars, gave us the word 'Martial'. Aphrodite-Goddess of love, beauty, and desire . Symbols include the dove, bird, apple, bee, swan, myrtle and rose. Daughter of Zeus and the Oceanid Dione, or perhaps born from the sea foam after Uranus' blood dripped onto the earth and into the sea after being defeated by his youngest son Cronus. Married to Hephaestus, although she cheated on him frequently, most notably with his brother Ares. Her name gave us the word 'Aphrodisiac'. Hephaestus-Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; god of fire and the forge. Symbols include the fire, anvil, ax, donkey, hammer, tongs and quail. Son of Hera, either by Zeus or alone. After he was born, his parents threw him off Mount Olympus, and he landed on the island of Lemnos. Married to Aphrodite. Unlike most mythical husbands, he never cheated on her. His Latin name, Vulcan, gave us the word 'Volcano'. Demeter-Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons. Symbols include the poppy, wheat, torch, and pig. Middle daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Her Latin name, Ceres, gave us the word 'cereal'. One of her surnames is Sitos as the giver of food, ('corn').
  5. Philippine folklore is filled with gruesome and frightening creatures guaranteed to cause fear and terror among the populace. 1. Manananggal The Manananggal butchers human prey and feasts on its heart and liver. Imagine seeing a half-bodied, flying creature with wild, flaming eyes and sharp teeth, hungrily searching for its next victim. A manananggal is a beautiful female by day who turns into blood-devouring monster at night. At midnight, especially on a full moon, it applies a special oil on its body while chanting a prayer. Fangs, claws, and wings emerge until the manananggal separates from its upper torso, usually with its guts hanging out. 2. Tikbalang Walking past big, old trees, and suddenly smelling a whiff of tobacco would alert the unwary to the sight of the Tikbalang! The tikbalang is half-human, half-horse. It commonly plays tricks on its victims, scaring them away or leading them astray from their paths. 3. Aswang Beware of strange people following you around, because you'll never know which one is real and which one would prey on your guts and organs. Aswang usually assume the countenance of ordinary humans, but, being shape shifters, they also have the ability to transform into a wild, voracious beast once they find prospective victims. They can take the form of a dog, boar, bull or any animal, and they prey on weaker victims like children and old people, but will also attack any single unguarded individual. 4. Tiyanak When wandering in or near forested areas, be on the alert when you hear the sound of an infant crying. Don't try to look for it, lest you be the victim of the Tiyanak. The tiyanak is vampiric in nature and begins its monstrous life as an aborted or dead fetus that was not baptized before burial. Evil spirits possess the infant's body and use it to kill by eating the victim's inner organs and drinking its blood. 5. Pugot Stay clear of abandoned structures or old, big trees for you might encounter a freaky monster carrying decapitated heads. Called the Pugot, this monster manifests itself as a self-beheaded ghost, or as a headless giant waiting in lonely places to behead its unlucky victim. 6. Nuno sa Punso Never ever play on anthills for you might disturb the Nuno sa Punso. These dwarf-like creatures (duwende or encantado) curse disrespectful passersby who even inadvertently disturb or destroy their habitation. So the next time you wander into unfamiliar territory, tread carefully and don't forget to ask permission and say tabi-tabi po mga nuno. 7. Kapre A Kapre is a huge terrifying beast with glowing eyes which is found dwelling in large trees or abandoned houses and ruins. It is usually depicted smoking a leg-sized cigar that never burns out. 8. Mangkukulam The Mangkukulam's favorite implements for maiming, torturing and sometimes killing its chosen victims are the karayom at manyika (needle and doll). The doll serves as the effigy of the victim; upon pricking it with the cursed needle, the victim instantly feels pain through the effects of malicious, imitative magic. The Mngkukulam will usually focus on the victim's heart or vital organs. What sets the Mangkukulam apart from the rest of the ghouls and monsters in this list is that the Mangkukulam is an ordinary human being albeit twisted by evil. 9. Wak-wak (no img) The Wak-wak is a bird-like creature that comes out at night looking for victims. The sound the Wak-wak makes is usually associated with the presence of an Unglu (vampire); other folkloric sources indicate that the Wak-wak may itself be a form of the Unglu. 10. Sigbin isa ito sa pinanniwalaan nilang sigbin The Sigbin is a ghoul in Philippine Mythology that roams for prey at night, sucking the blood off their would-be victims by using their shadows. The creature walks backwards with their heads lowered between their hind legs. The Sigbin is dog-like in appearance so beware of strange dogs!
  6. Adapted from folklore by Craig Dominey and Curtis Richardson On the Georgia coast, there is an island called St.Simons Island – a beautiful place where the sea laps against the sandy shores, the Spanish moss sways gently in the salty breeze, and there is a real sense of peace. But St. Simons is also a place of mysterious and tragic stories – some true, and some folktales that have become legends. One of these stories concerns a lone grave marker sitting a few yards off the main highway. What is strange about this grave is that no vegetation grows around it – no trees, no grass, and no moss. The most popular version of this story takes place over 100 years ago, when large rice plantations were in operation up and down the coast. One day, the plantation owners on St. Simons decided they were going to hire a schoolmarm to teach their children. So they found a young woman from Ohio named Margaret to come down and live on the island as the local teacher. She was a wise woman, for she had traveled in Europe and had attended a number of well-known schools. Margaret would teach the white plantation children during the day – but at night, she would teach the black slave children whose parents toiled day and night on the plantations. The plantation owners did not like this, for they did not want the slaves to be educated in any way. They thought that, if the slaves became educated, they might rise up and attack their captors. But Margaret was headstrong, for she had seen how other people lived around the world, and firmly believed that blacks were as deserving of an education as whites. Since Margaret was such a good teacher, the white plantation owners reluctantly looked the other way. But they became very suspicious of Margaret, and kept a close eye on her. There was one little slave boy named Joshua who Margaret liked to teach the most. Joshua soaked up knowledge like a sponge, for he felt that a good education was his ticket to freedom. Joshua especially loved English literature and poetry. Long after the other slave children had left school, he would stick around and beg Margaret to read to him some more. Margaret was truly touched by Joshua’s eagerness, and found herself growing close to him. But Joshua never got a chance to use his newfound knowledge. One day, a slave uprising erupted on one of the plantations. During the furor, a white slave owner was killed. Later that evening, an angry white mob rode through the island and started beating the horrified slaves, whether they were part of the uprising or not. They kicked down the door of Joshua’s home and savagely attacked his parents. When Joshua leapt to his mother’s defense, a young white man viciously clubbed him in the head, killing him instantly. Margaret took the news of Joshua’s death hard. She was so grief stricken that she isolated herself from the community. The only time she would speak to anyone was when she was teaching the children. The rest of the time, she wandered the backroads of the island, alone and sad. It was while she was walking down an island road one day that she had a strange feeling she was being watched. She looked above her and saw a large black raven flying overhead, seemingly following her. As the days passed, the same raven would always seem to be around her. Whenever she arrived at school in the morning, the raven would perch upon the windowsill and watch her teach the children. And when she would go home, the raven would follow her and perch in a tree near her front door. At the end of one of the school days, after all of the children had left, Margaret was cleaning the classroom while the raven watched her from the window. She looked at the bird and thought about how much she missed Joshua, for this was the time of day she used to teach him one-on-one. She picked up a poetry book and began to read to the raven. The raven bobbed its head up and down, as if understanding what Margaret was reading. Margaret smiled and read more poetry to the bird, and before she knew it, she was reading lessons to the bird every day after school. Margaret would sometimes laugh at herself for reading aloud to a bird, but strange as it was, she found it to be a good way to deal with her grief. Late one afternoon, some white children returned to school to pick up some belongings they had left behind. When they got to the school, they saw Margaret speaking to the large black raven on the windowsill, reading the day’s lesson. They ran back to their parents screaming, “The teacher’s a witch! She’s a witch! She’s brought that little black boy Joshua back from the dead as a bird!” The parents didn’t believe them at first, but they agreed to accompany the children back to the schoolhouse. When they got there, they also saw Margaret reading poetry aloud to the bird. When they saw Margaret smile at the bird, and the bird nod its head back, the parents ran back to town and, like their children before them, screamed “The teacher’s a witch!” The islanders were a close-knit, fiercely religious community, and were frightened of anyone who practiced black magic or witchcraft. The rumors of Margaret being a witch also fueled many islanders’ long-held suspicions about her. So it wasn’t long before an angry white mob marched to the school, dragged Margaret outside and killed her, leaving her body for the vultures. When the time came to bury her body, one of the plantation owners had pity for Margaret. He tried to have her buried at Christ’s Church, a famous church on the island where John Wesley had preached. But the other plantation owners wouldn’t hear of a witch being buried in a church cemetery, or in any other cemetery on the island. So the kind owner buried her body on a small piece of land he owned off the main road. He had a grave marker made for her that was inscribed with three simple words – “A Beloved Teacher.” Within a month, the locals who happened to visit the grave noticed that all the vegetation had died within a few feet of where Margaret was buried. And for the next hundred years, nothing grew around the grave – no trees, no grass, no moss. If you’re ever in the area, ask one of the locals where the grave marker is and see for yourself. You’ll see that nothing grows around where they buried the beloved teacher.
  7. 10. Masal Bugoluv 9. Pierre Bressau 8. David Manning 7. Allegra Coleman 6. Sidd Finch 5. Pope Joan 4. lonelygirl15 3. Tony Clifton 2. Alan Smithee 1. Prester John’t-actually-exist.php my source
  8. 10. House Centipedes (Scutigera coleoptrata) 9. Fire Ants (Solenopsis) 8. Siafu (Dorylus) - Commonly known as soldier ants 7. Wasps and Bees (Vespula germanica/Apis mellifera) 6. Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia) 5. Africanized Honey Bee (hybrid Apis mellifera scutellata) 4. Kissing bug (Triatomines) 3. Tsetse Fly (Glossina morsitans) 2. Rat Fleas (Xenopsylla cheopis) 1. Anopheles Mosquito (Anopheles quadrimaculatus)
  9. 10. (Tie) The Deadly Mantis 10. (Tie) The Giant Ants from Them 9. Reptilicus 8. Boggy the creek monster 7. Creature from cloverfield of 1998 6. Predator 5. The Thing 4. Godzilla 3. King Kong 2. Jaws 1. Creature from alien
  10. 10. Eternal Darkness: sanity's requiem 9. Dead Space 8. F.E.A.R 7. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth 6. Condemned: Criminal Origins 5. Penumbra: Black Plague 4. Siren: Blood Curse 3. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly 2. Amnesia: the dark descent 1. Silent hill 2 my source
  11. 1. Apple iPhone 4g The appple iphone has always been riding the competition with its powerful application base, specifications, design and its great features. The 4g iphone uses high quality glass that is scratch resistant and durable which is complimented by a high resolution screen. The A4 chip from apple increases performance and increases battery efficiency. Impressive gaming, photos and a large app base is the iphone 4Gs greatest advantage. 2. Motorola Droid 2 The Motorola Droid 2 has been a significant improvement from the previous models in the Droid series. The Android powered phone includes a 1 GHZ processor and has a 8GB internal memory along with a 32GB expandable memory. The Droid 2 incorporates a slide keyboard and it consists of a faster 512MB RAM. However the minus point is the lack of front camera. The great touch screen and the impressive sound quality along with media capabilities is one of Droid 2′s plus points. It is a great phone for those who would like a smart phone with a physical keyboard. 3. HTC Hd7 In my eyes, the HTC is the most beautiful phone incorporating the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. The Windows Phone OS is great to use in this phone because of its large 4.3 inch screen. The touch is impressively great with its fast processor and RAM. There is no lag whiles using and swooping through the applications. The apps are increasing as the days pass by and its just a matter of time when it reaches the Android and Apple range. With the impressive huge screen, user friendly interface and responsive touch screen, the HD7 is a great phone which takes it to the top of the competition. 4. Blackberry Bold 9780 Blackberry has been making a lot of user friendly phones and the Blackberry Bold 9780 is undoubtedly the most impressive non touch screen phone. The 9780 runs on the new Blackberry 6 OS and with a 512 MB RAM. The built quality is impressive and so is the Qwerty keyboard. The fluid feel of navigation is also impressive. The Blackberry Bold 9780 is a great phone and is recommended for those people who would prefer a non touch phone. 5. Blackberry Torch 9800 Even though the Blackberry bold 9780 was a great phone, it was necessary to blend in with the competition. Blackberry introduced this touch phone to compete directly with the iphone and other devices running on Android and Windows OS. The screen is a little bit disappointing and so is the video shooting only in VGA. The phone is for those who would like a touch phone which has a better Internet and media experience than the Blackberry Bold 9780 phone. 6. Samsung Nexus S The Samsung Nexus S is one of the best phones that features the Android OS. The best feature of the Nexus S is its brilliantly bright and clear display which makes the applications look really good. The Nexus S comes with the Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread) and with a powerful 1 Ghz Hummingbird Processor. It is fast and a great performer. The sleek design though it looks good, is fragile! It does not have an expandable memory and is not a significant change in features over its predecessor. 7. Samsung Epic 4G The Samsung Epic 4G has one of the most impressive displays in the competition, well of course behind the HTC HD7. The 1Ghz processor helps in the fast use of the phone. It also has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and also include a camera in the front. The Epic 4G supports Sprints 4G Wimax network. The slide out keyboard is an added advantage to most smart phones. The Epic is great for multimedia usage. If people dont mind spending the extra cash and carry the extra bulk, the Samsung Epic 4G is the phone for you! 8. Nokia N8 Easily, the best Nokia phone! The Nokia N8 runs on a new Symbian 3 OS. The N8 provides a great user experience with its incredible screen, screen is to keyboard position and its incredible speed. The Nokia N8s best feature is the 12 mp camera and 720p video at 25 fps which can replace a digital camera. It is weirdly expensive and the battery cannot be changed. The N8 is not as fast as its competitors but the features are pretty impressive. 9. Samsung Focus The Windows Phone 7 OS is just a bliss in this phone. The Focus is a freakishly fast phone with great multimedia experience. Internet experience is also top notch in this phone. Social networking is made fun and easy and so is business applications. Windows comes with great games, which the Focus has. Like most Samsungs new smart phones, the Focus comes with a brilliant screen. Windows apps are few in the market right now, but in time it will increase. No front camera available in the Samsung Focus. Memory cards which are approved by Windows OS can only be used. 10. LG Quantum The LG Quantum is another windows phone running on the Windows Phone 7 OS. The phone feels solid and is heavy. The small screen is a disadvantage but has a 5 mp camera and HD recording. The Quantum is the only phone with a Qwerty keyboard and is one of the strong plus points. The LG Quantum Windows phone is a solid phone and is for those people who would like a Windows phone with a Qwerty keyboard.
  12. 1. Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox, the free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation is popular among web users for its great features. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox, i.e. Firefox version 4, supports features like spell checking, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, incremental field, location aware browsing and many other. To support web developers, this open source browser offers a complete environment for their built-in tools. 2. Internet Explorer Microsoft’s Internet Explorer supports different computer languages like CSS Level 1, HTML 4.01, DOM Level 1 and XML 1.0. Officials stated, Internet Explorer 9, which is yet to be released, will support XHTML and SVG to offer a different browsing experience altogether. 3. Google Chrome Google Chrome, designed and developed by Google is dedicated to provide faster browsing experience than its competitors. The very first version of Chrome has passed Acid Test 1 and Acid Test 2. Version 4 of this browser has also passed the Acid Test 3. The security features of this browser are really commendable and warns user about every possible threat that there is. 4. Apple Safari The graphical web browser, Apple Safari was initially designed for Mac OS X. Yet, later it was developed for Microsoft operating systems too. Both Windows and Mac users can access all the basic features of Safari, but Mac OS X users will also be able to save clips of any webpage and view them on Apple Dashboard. 5. Opera Designed by Opera Software, internet suite and internet browser, Opera supports security features like malware protection, built-in phishing and strong encryption while browsing. It can also delete HTTP cookies and private data at ease. Opera, which is known to be the fastest browser, has introduced different features that other internet browsers adopted much later. 6. Maxthon China based web browser compatible with Microsoft Windows, Maxthon is known for its user interface that can be classified in different ways. AD Hunter, the ad blocking feature of this browser, blocks all floating advertisements and web banners that affect your browsing speed. 7. Flock If you are looking for a browser that can provide complete support for Web 2.0 features and social networking facilities, Flock is for you. Flock, which is available for free download, is compatible with different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, Free BSD as well as Microsoft Windows. 8. Phase Out Phase Out is the best browser for someone who wants to explore the outer space. This browser is also recommended for the online gamers as this browser offers brilliant graphical display. Apart from this, Phase Out also offers other mainstream features that are needed for web browsing. 9. Deepnet Explorer Deepnet Explorer claims to provide high security level than the other popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is the first browser to support features like phishing alarm, P2P client integration and RSS news reader. The browser, which provides high security and brilliant usability, is compatible with Windows operating system only. 10. Avant Known to be an extremely user-friendly browser, Avant supports features like mouse gesture, anti-freezing, flash filter and multi processing way better than popular web browser, Internet Explorer. Users will not have to experience any malware or adware problems in this browser. Yet, it is only compatible with Microsoft Windows
  13. 1. Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers, formed in the year 1948, has failed to qualify for the playoffs only five times. They have clinched sixteen victories in the NBA finals. In the year 1972, the team showcased their best performance with a score of 69-13. The team, which always boasts of a talented lineup, has never been defeated in all sixty matches of a season. 2. Boston Celtics Formed in the year 1946, Boston Celtics made a dominating presence from the year 1957 to 1969. With the terrific performance of the players, Boston Celtics registered eleven championships wins out of thirteen. From 1959 to 1966, the Celtics won eight titles at a stretch, which is, till now, the longest winning streak for any basketball team in the country. 3. Orlando Magic Formed in the year, 1989, the young team of Orlando Magic has played twelve playoffs so far. In this short period of time, the team had players like Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal and many more. Among the four team included in the year 1989, Magic has performed much better than other three teams at the same time. 4. Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers have made their first appearance in the year 1970. Since then, they have achieved some glorious feats. Nate Thurmond and Walt Frazier, who had been the part of the team for a significant period of time, have been inducted in the ‘Hall of Fame’ list. 5. Chicago Bulls Formed in the year 1960, Chicago Bulls deserves a special mention for their great performance during the 90s. The team is still known for winning six championships in a short spell of eight years. Bulls are also credited for spreading the popularity of NBA across the globe. 6. San Antonio Spurs Located in San Antonio, Texas, San Antonio Spurs was formed in the year 1967. The team, which has joined the NBA in the year 1976, is a part of the Western Conference’s Southwest Division. In a span of thirty-three years, they have secured great feats. 7. Denver Nuggets Initially named as Denver Rockets, the team was formed in the year 1967. The team later changed their name to Denver Nuggets, and has been one of the most successful teams of the league. Alex English, David Thompson and Dan Issel were some of the well-known players of this team. 8. Portland Trail Blazers Founded in the year 1970, Portland Trail Blazers have recorded some glorious performance in their career. They have played NBA finals for three times. Though they played well in three championships, they have won one title match of NBA. 9. Atlanta Hawks Part of Eastern Conference’s Southeast Division, the Atlanta Hawks were formed in the year 1946. The team, which boasts of having some of the best players the game has seen, has claimed one NBA championship titles so far, in the year 1958. 10. Utah Jazz Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers along with the New York Knicks share the record of not losing all sixty games in one season. Though the team had a bad patch in their career, under the guidance of Coach Jerry Sloan, the team has made significant improvements in their performance.
  14. 1. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport; 267 mph, 0-60 in 2.2 seconds – This is a lightweight super car powered by 8.0-liter W16 engine with 1200 horsepower. It sells at $2,400,000, easily the highest priced car in the top 10 list. The car produced by Volkswagen Group subsidiary Bugatti Automobiles was introduced in 2005 as the fastest production car in the world. 2. SSC Ultimate Aero; 257 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 seconds – This car was acknowledged by Guinness world records as the fastest car in March 2007. It is powered by a twin-turbo engine that packs an astounding 1183 horsepower. Only 24 cars were produced from 2006-2007 at a price of US $485,000. 3. Koenigsegg CCX; 250 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds – This Sweden-made fast car packs 806 power from its 90 degree V8 engine. The CCX was first unveiled on February 28, 2006 at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show although its existence was announced earlier. At a price of $1,820,000 and $2,050,000 for top of the line model, exclusivity is guaranteed. 4. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo; 248 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds – This super fast car is powered by an 100% aluminum V8 engine packing with 750 horsepower. This twin-turbocharged monster went on sale for $585,296 USD in 2005 , replacing standard non turbo S7 production. Saleen offers an optional competition package with 33% increase in power. 5. McLaren F1; 240 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds – It is power driven by powerhouse V12 engine that packs 62y horsepower. It is popular with its trademark doors that resemble bat wings. Up until 1998, when McLaren produced and sold the standard F1 models, they had a price tag of around 970 000 USD. Today the cars can sell for up to nearly twice that of the original price. 6. Gumpert Apollo; 220 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 seconds – This super car is produced by a German automaker in Altenburg. It is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive two-seater constructed on a tubular chromoly frame, with fiberglass or optional carbon fiber body panels. There are 3 engine types available with the race version rated at 789.06 bhp. The production of the Apollo started in October 2005 with a starting price of $400,000 USD. 7. Ascari A10; 220 mph, 0-60 in 2.8 seconds – Although designed for racing A10 is intended to be a usable car or on the road. It is engineered and hand built in Banbury, England featuring a modified 5.0 L BMW V8 engine producing 625 bhp at a price of approximately $650,000 USD. Only 50 A10s lucky owners will have a chance to own one. 8. Ferrari Enzo; 217 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds – It is driven by a F140 V12 workhorse with 660 horsepower. It is currently one of the most powerful naturally aspirated production cars in the world. There are only 399 of these cars worldwide and the price of a unit shoots up every time someone crashes one. This Ferrari typically trades above $1,000,000 at auction. 9. Jaguar XJ 220; 217 mph, 0-60 in 4.0 seconds – This fast car is driven bya V6 engine that packs 542 horsepower. This is one of the oldest as being released in 1992 but still got what it takes to remain the round of ten of hot wheels. Total of 281 cars were made and by 1997, few of these remained available for sale new at £150,000. 10. Pagani Zonda F; 215 mph, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds – It’s no mistake that Pagani chose to use the “F” badging to represent the first step up in performance for the Zonda above the stock Zonda S. This fast car is driven by Mercedes Benz V12 engine packing 650 horsepower. Base price for this dream car is $694,000
  15. 1. Hickory North Carolina: Donny Guy robbed two cash registers from a restaurant and vanished. Not for too long though. The cops only had to follow the trail of the white register tape all the way to his home, where he was trying to break open the registers! 2. Pennsylvania USA: Allen Koch walked up to the Citizens and Northern Bank at 12.01pm wearing a ski mask and gloves and holding a gun. Unfortunately the bank was closed and he was unable to enter it. His license plate was noted by the bank employees and he was arrested on the charges of attempted robbery. 3. Manizales, Columbia: This thief chose the wrong house to rob! It was the home of Christian Garces, a Pan-American karate champion and her fellow karate instructors and trainees. They caught him and beat him up, and hopefully scared him for life. 4. Windsor, Ontario: Daniel Glen did not want to rob a store which did not have enough money to make it worthwhile. Hence he called up the sales clerk to find out how much money there was in the cash register. When he walked in to rob the cash register, the police were ready and waiting for him. 5. Wolverhampton, England: Clive Halford was an experienced criminal, but his greed did him in. He loaded his stolen truck with 18 pallets of stolen nickel and copper. But the truck could not take the load and the suspension broke. Obviously he had not learnt his lesson from an earlier theft where his car’s suspension had broken down due to the load of stolen goods. 6. York, Pennsylvania: Joseph Goetz was very unsuccessful when he tried to rob a bank. The first teller he went to fainted, the next two he went to claimed that they had no cash in their drawers. He stormed out of the bank, threatening to complain to the bank management. 7. Colorado Springs: A young man who tried to rob a small corner store ran out of luck when along with the cash he wanted a bottle of Scotch. The clerk refused to give it to him saying that he was underage and he would need to see some identification before he could take it. The robber produced his driving license to show his ID. Once he had left the store the cashier promptly called the police and told them the name and address of the robber. 8. Oklahoma City: Dennis Newton was on trial for robbing a convenience store and was defending himself. When the store manager identified him as the robber he jumped up and screamed ” I should have blown your ….. head off “, and then tried to correct himself by saying, ” If I had been the one that was there”. Needless to say that he was convicted. 9. Detroit, Michigan: Two officers were demonstrating their patrol car’s felon locating system to the children of a neighbourhood. R.C.Gaitlan walked up to them and asked them about the process. To show him how the system worked, they asked him to produce any identification. When they placed his driver’s license in the system, they promptly arrested him, since he was wanted for a robbery committed two years ago. 10. San Francisco: This one takes the cake. While standing in line at the Bank of America, with a stick-up note in his hand, a thief began to worry about whether anyone had seen him write the note. So he walked across the road to the Wells Fargo bank and decided to rob them instead. The smart teller there told him that since the note was written on a Bank of America deposit slip she could not give him the money and he should go back there. Our not-so-bright thief agreed with her and walked back to rob Bank of America, where of course the police were waiting for him!