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  1. Be prompt. Dress well. Proper haircut. Don't make stories. They'll know if you're lying. and relax..
  2. Crash into me - DMB
  3. Graphics
  4. The Cure - A letter to Elise
  5. Converge FiberX 20Mbps
  6. WD 6tb and Saramonic UwMic9.
  7. Pro death penalty but fix the judiciary first.
  8. Booty for me..
  9. How incompetent our government is in every aspect. We have Trillions of budget now and yet we let private companies help build structures (airport, skyway sama na rin meralco). These will jack up prices that government can't control. La ng pagasa..
  10. NIN
  11. B&W P7 Wireless
  12. Sony ZXZ High Res Walkman.
  13. Panalo yan brad! Pati yung Lacoste White.
  14. What's your previous camera and lens before? Professional photographer? I'd chose DSLR anytime. Mainly because, dslr will have a longer battery life. It can reliably focus and track a subject 3-4 stops in low light even on various speeds (depending on the camera used). Has wide variety of lenses to choose from. Image quality depends on the camera and lens used. Not sure though on dynamic range of a mirrorless camera and sensor used, where you can push and pull 2-3 stops and still get a lot of details from your image. How much details are retained in your image when shooting high ISO depends on your camera also. Looking through an optical viewfinder is a big plus compared to a digital viewfinder, an advantage where you are able to track and compose a fast moving subject and see well on subjects where lighting changes abruptly like on a concert stage. How much buffer a mirrorless camera handles on shooting continuous burst shots. Never trust the exposures on digital viewfinder as lcd degrades overtime. The exposure meter in optical viewfinder is more reliable (imho). Also, this is why you calibrate your monitor as often as possible as LCD and LED degrades overtime. Weight is never an issue also when you can get your job done in any given situation your client throws on you. The heavier it is the more stable you are on lower shutter speeds.
  15. Lightroom for enhancement, Photoshop for manipulation.