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  1. Parang lalake tol
  2. Welcome Ndsa, just read the forum rules and share some stuff
  3. Based on my observation. This thread is not healthy. So I decided to lock it na lang. Magbati na kayo magpapasko na
  4. Welcome back @Adictus Capricus. Enjoy & read our rules.
  5. Welcome lahat sa aps, mayaman, mahirap, maitim, maputi, matangkad, pandak at kung anu-ano pa. Just be active sir habu and soon you'll be able to access all topics and sub forums. All you might also meet and find new friends here.
  6. Download storysave sa play store. You can download stories, posts, live streams and even profile picture Yun Liam Cottle ang dev ha, madaming fake & unreliable apps, yan kay liam lang ang working as it should
  7. Like when I hear your nameOr see a place that you've been Or see a picture of your grinOr pass a house that you've been inOne time or another It sets off something in me I can't explainAnd I can't wait to see you again
  8. welcome mihirolover! Enjoy your stay. Masayang tumambay dito, but don't forget to obey the rules.
  9. Yes sir i will, once makaluwag sa sked
  10. Yow, merry xmas & happy new year mga tropa
  11. Xanadu - Olivia Newton John
  12. Good luck vinno
  13. Swak na swak sa requirements! Good luck sir
  14. Ay oo nga akala ko 2015, sobra sobra ka na pala dapat ka na talagang mapromote hehe
  15. Kulang ka pa sa buwan sir, mag 3 months ka pa lang sa jan 18. Anyway good luck