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      Hello APS'ters It's been more than 10 years APS staff has been keeping this place alive and kickin ass from the rest!!!  And now is the time for us to ask help from all of you who are enjoying this place. APS are looking for generous members who are willing to show some support and love to raise funds for our VPS hosting and domain name fees. We would like to make the most contributions as much as we can and use all of it for " VPS hosting and Domain name fees" ONLY (no personal interest/expenses) We want to keep this community alive and that wouldn't be possible without your help. We won't be promising any VIP access or whatsoever for monetary contributions. But....... we can assure you that your contributions big or small can keep this place alive and We will give you an APS Supporter (yellow pants) to give credits and recognition sa inyong tulong! and that's the only thing we can promise you. If you are feeling generous today feel free to send your contributions to our PAYPAL account. (ANY AMOUNT ARE WELCOME) PAYPAL: allpinoystuff2017@yahoo.com If you have any questions comment on this thread or Feel free to send me or any Admins/Supreme Mods a PM. If you have contributed or will be contributing please let us know so we can directly say "thank you" to you. Thanks in advance and more power to APS!!!


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  1. Kumakatok po sa pintuan ng VIP sana po ay inyong patuluyin. Requirements for application: (1) Must be a member of APS for at least two (2) months, in good standing, and has shown positive forum activity* Member Since 22 Mar 2011 (2) Must have at least one hundred (100) posts to apply**. 274 posts as of this writing (3) Must have at least thirty (30) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***. 1 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5635-kitty-kath/ 2 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/4797-kuhdet-honasan/ 3 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/4742-raja-montero/ 4 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5809-bosom-bodies-twin-peaks-exposed-2007/ 5 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5825-wild-wet-and-kinky-come-shag-me-katya-santos/ 6 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5853-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-1/ 7 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5874-misstaken/ 8 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5884-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-2/ 9 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5887-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-3/ 10 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5916-sex-goddess-maui-taylor/ 11 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6284-orgasma/ 12 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6008-anna-scott/ 13 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6009-strip-tease-the-art-of-erotic-dancing/ 14 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6024-zara-lopez/ 15 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6036-sophia-lee/ 16 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6038-skin-city-viva-hot-babes/ 17 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6039-blindside/ 18 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6074-althea-vega/ 19 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6088-lorraine-lopez/ 20 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6143-asia-agcaoili-lessons-of-the-flesh-and-bedtime-stories/ 21 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6150-photoshoot/ 22 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6158-pinoy-kamasutra-1/ 23 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6159-pinoy-kamasutra-2/ 24 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6256-viva-hot-babes-gone-wild/ 25 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6276-pornikula/ 26 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6278-sextravaganza/ 27 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6296-sexposed/ 28 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6292-sexy-footages-from-pinoy-movies-vol-1/ 29 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6293-sexy-footages-from-pinoy-movies-vol-2/ 30 http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6304-uncensored/ (4) Must have uploaded at least 15 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format "yourname"@allpinoystuff.com****. 1. Sikreto ni Kuya - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5370-pinoy-indie-films-choice-cuts/page-2 2 Bosom Bodies Twin Peaks Exposed - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5809-bosom-bodies-twin-peaks- exposed-2007/ 3 Wild, Wet and Kinky Come Shag Me Katya Santos - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5825-wild-wet-and- kinky-come-shag-me-katya-santos/ 4 Wildlife Pinay Pinups Vol 1 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5853-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-1/ 5 Misstaken - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5874-misstaken/ 6 Wildlife Pinay Pinups Vol 2 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5884-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-2/ 7 Wildlife Pinay Pinups Vol 3 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5887-wildlife-pinay-pinups-vol-3/ 8 Sex Goddess Maui Taylor - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5916-sex-goddess-maui-taylor/ 9 Vixenation Behind the Scenes - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5979-vixenation-behind-the-scenes/ 10 Strip Tease - The Art of Erotic Dancing - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6009-strip-tease-the-art- of-erotic-dancing/ 11 SkinCity - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6038-skin-city-viva-hot-babes/ 12 Blindside - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6039-blindside/ 13 Asia Agcaoilis Erotica lessons of the flesh and Bedtime stories - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6143-asia-agcaoili-lessons-of-the-flesh-and-bedtime-stories/ 14 Photoshoot - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6150-photoshoot/ 15 Pinoy Kamasutra 1 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6158-pinoy-kamasutra-1/ 16 Pinoy Kamasutra 2 -http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6159-pinoy-kamasutra-2/ 17 Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6256-viva-hot-babes-gone-wild/ 18 Pornikula - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6276-pornikula/ 19 Sextravaganza - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6278-sextravaganza/ 20 Orgasma - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6284-orgasma/ 21 Sexy footages from Pinoy Movies Vol 1 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6292-sexy-footages-from- pinoy-movies-vol-1/ 22 Sexy footages from Pinoy Movies Vol 2 - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6293-sexy-footages-from- pinoy-movies-vol-2/ 23 Sexposed - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6296-sexposed/ 24 Uncensored - http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/6304-uncensored/ (5) Must have at least 50 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members) 372 likes as of this writing