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  1. main man, dude! everybody wants to f--ck the prom queen
  2. booty siguro. may nakita na ko na walang pwet.. susme..
  3. i'll try this one. thanks!
  4. same sites na mababa ang bayad. meron din mga scammers dyan.
  5. Avoid talking about your religion. You're not there to convert people but to get a job. Of course, an exception is if you are in the same group as the recruiter. That might be a plus. OTherwise, it's mostly a negative point for you.
  6. I agree, get hired first before resigning from the current job. As to the reasons that you can give, be honest but polite in explaining why.I agree that you should not waste time but you should also be able to prove that you tried your best.Otherwise, you will be seen as pa importante. Good luck!