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  1. ano na nangyari kay boom boom bautista?
  2. ahaha! loved that internal letter from paramount. can't wait for this.
  3. Export Sales Manager of a manufacturing company.
  4. kakatamad na mag farmville nung nag upgrade na ko sa biggest farm. andami mo iciclick. peste magkakacarpal tunnel na ko kakaclick. cafe world ako ngayon. pero medyo tinatamad na rin ako dahil dumami na rin stove ko at puro click na rin ang nangyayari.
  5. I guess the Scuderia feared a repeat of the Vettel, Webber fiasco of taking each other out.
  6. Schumi's taking a while to acclimatize to today's machinery. Also I think Mercedes is struggling since Brawn had to push development of their car until the end of last season because they were title contenders with JB and Rubens. Ferrari's form has improved but the controversy of last week's German GP wherein Ferrari ordered Massa to let Alonso pass for the win has tainted their reputation yet again. I'm for Vettel this year.
  7. By the way he did the sona, he pretty much copied Obama's approach. He laid down the cards and said we're flat broke so don't exect too much on my first 100 days.
  8. Let us pray that his plans and promises come to fruition. Let us all do whatever we can to help our president rebuild our nation. Even something as small as following traffic rules and paying the right taxes and even doing your part in cleaning up your surroundings can do a whole lot if the whole country does the same. This is what true people power is all about.
  9. Find out what your favorite arcade game characters are up to nowadays. Update: (it seems they've disabled embedding for these vids so i'm reverting them back to coded links. apologies. ) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9