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  1. Then stay away from teamworx and yummy. Those two (made by yummy) are crap.
  2. post what you have. kaming mga moderators ang bahala mag-move or mag-assign sa proper sections if ever you happen to post it in the wrong thread or section. thank you.
  3. set the time and place.
  4. put that in the buy-and-sell section.
  5. Demon vape? Hahaha nope but I know the maker.
  6. I do vape pero medyo kilala ako sa vaping scene so I'll just keep it that way
  7. To the new members na iniisip na pera ang easy access sa VIP, give up that idea. Kasama ako sa screening team and alam na namin kung sino ang pasok sa hindi or under probation. Papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na kami ika nga nila.
  8. Nope. VIP access is strictly screened by the moderators and admins. It's a privelege given to the members who contribute stuff (image, videos, files, etc.) and actively participate in discussions.
  9. 1. Paulene So 2. Bianca Peralta 3. Janarah Fox 4. Cyril Locsin 5. Given Teves
  10. sayang Photoshop CS6 kasi mga presets ko hehehe
  11. Candice Swanepoel hahaha
  12. i like ironic names hahaha
  13. what's your budget range ba? if starter ka pa lang get the entry level ones first.
  14. buti pa kayo nasa US ako next year Netherlands na
  15. I also screen models sa mga gosees nila yung ibang pabebe na model kala mo maria clara pagtingin mo sa portfolio ahay ibang-iba na