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  1. Asking for the insights of lawyers here. A friend borrowed my credit card to purchase things for the office. We had an agreement that she will pay me back, and she gave me a blank check as a guarantee. But now that I'm claiming for payment, she is refusing to pay me the amount needed to zero out the credit cards. And the status now is I'm the one that has to pay for her credit card transactions. I've been asking for her to pay the full amount for 6 months already but she's always coming up with an excuse not to pay. I'm considering filing BP 22 estafa against her because she's been lying about when she'll pay me the full amount. The amount she owes me is roughly Php300k excluding interest charges. She has assets she refuses to surrender to me that can easily zero out the debt she owes me (Rolex, Cartiers) I've deposited the check twice already to the bank and it bounced twice already. Now issuing a demand letter for her to pay. Can anyone give me an idea of the process for filing this and the possible fees I have to expense?
  2. No interest if you pay before or on the due date. Interest starts when your account is not zero on your next cut-off. Ideally, you want your credit card balance to be zero balance every month so you do not get charged interest. Always pay the total amount due of your billing statement every month so you do not get charged interest. Example: Terms to remember: Cut off date - Purchases made within this period are billed accordingly on your next billing statement. For example, credit card cut-off is January 12. This means that purchases made before January 12 will be billed to you on your next due date, say February 2. Purchases after January 12 will be on your next billing statement, March 2 Due Date - Your last chance to pay without getting charged late payment fee. If you miss paying on the due date, say the next day, you will be charged between P500-P800 depending on your bank. Total Amount Due - The total balance that you need to pay (If you pay this full amount, then you are not charged interest the next month) Minimum Amount Due - Minimum Amount you need to pay. ( If you pay the minimum amount due, the remainder will accrue interest on your next billing statement.) Monthly Interest Rate - the interest charged to your account. Usually between 2.5%-3.79% a month depending on your credit card. This is what kills you in the long run if you do not pay your total amount due every month and just pay the minimum amount. This is compounded interest rate, not simple interest rate. Given: January 8 - Purchased Dildo for P2000 February 2 - Due Date Statement Balance on February 2 = P2000 Monthly Interest Rate: 3% Scenario 1: You pay the total amount due which is P2000 on or before your due date. Therefore, your credit card balance becomes zero, and you do not accrue interest. Scenario 2: You only pay the minimum amount due, say P1000. So you have a remaining balance of P1000. This P1000 is charged with 3% interest rate on your next billing statement, which is on March 2. Assuming you did not make any other purchases aside from your dildo, you have to pay P1003 on March 2.
  3. Marian Rivera. She has a stronger sex appeal. She's toned and fit, just like what a heroine should look like. i mean, look at those biceps, it's like she's storing a lot of power there.
  4. Because RDA is an idiot. Gets himself injured two weeks before the fight. Just like Aldo.
  5. Thanks guys! Looking forward to it!
  6. Hello APS Staff! I'd like to submit my application to be an APS contributor! Been a member for a long time and it's been fun collecting and sharing in these forums! Requirements for application: (1) Must be a member of APS for at least four (4) months, in good standing, and has shown positive forum activity* (2) Must have at least one hundred fifty (150) posts to apply**. (3) Must have at least fifty (50) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***. (4) Must have uploaded at least 25 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format "yourname"****. (5) Must have at least 200 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members) (1) Member since March 25,2012. (2) 575 active posts (3) 82 New Topics Posted (4) 27 uploaded files 1-7 8-12 13 14 15 16 17 18-19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 (5) 712 likes as of Jan 18,2016 8:21PM Very Truly Yours, Brynden
  7. Alvarez wins vs Petits Dominic Cruz regains the Bantamweight Championship from TJ Dillashaw by split decision
  8. Fight begins tomorrow!!!
  9. Petits is gonna win against Alvarez anyway so there's really not much to discuss about their fight.
  10. Its Cruz vs Dillashaw for the Bantamweight championship Cruz is fighting for the first time in 18 months and looks to reclaim the UFC Bantamweight Championship he lost due to injury. Cruz has never lost since claiming the UFC belt. Dillashaw looks to defend his title against the fighter whom his fighting style he patterned after. Dillashaw won against Barao in dominating fashion twice, knocking Barao in their first meeting to claim the Bantamweight championship and ending the Brazilian's 33 fight win streak, and pulverizing Barao with A plethora of punches in standup fashion to win by TKO. It's the new generation vs the old guard. Who do you pick to win in this titular clash of champions? Dominick "the Domin8or" Cruz for me
  11. It's set already! McGregor vs Dos Anjos for the lightweight belt!
  12. Saan pwede manood nito? Wala ng balls channel.
  13. I wanted Wiedmann to win. But Rockhold is just good
  14. Lawler is Ruthless. That fight with Rory MacDonald was reqlly bloody and gory. Rory's nose was broken and Lawler's lip was split in two. But Lawler just kep pushing the pace and kept throwing straights accurately at Rory's nose. That fight was awesome. That said, Condit is a natural. Pinpoint accurate striker, technically precise and very strategic fighter. Condit is gonna move smoothly hitting at unusual angles, and Lawler is going to have a really tough fight. Condit for me
  15. Malas naman ng nka roadtest ng tranny. (Hoping its not me hahahaha)