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  1. I think Finn Balor will last well until his 40s, just look at AJ Styles and look at how well he is performing. Also, compared sa moves of Finn as Prince Devitt, toned down na ung sa WWE, so less ung toll sa body niya. Haven't even seen him do Prince's Throne or Shingata Prince's throne(na sana gawin niya at least once). He already did Dreamcast though(which he cannot do always as kofi uses it as his trouble in paradise finisher). More on kicks and strikes nga si Balor, so less toll yan sa katawan niya. Magingat lang siya sa mga bumps at ingat din siya kay Rollins, minsan mejo clumsy si Rollins. I will always be a fan of his Venom and Carnage type body paint.
  2. Smackdown cannot top Raw, just having Balor getting clean wins twice in one night is too much. And cmon, imagine this: What kind of demon will Finn Balor unleash at summerslam?
  3. Mura nalang yung game na yun kahit sa datablitz.
  4. Just put Shinsuke Nakamura on the brand where the indie guys(NXT People) are in and I will be happy.
  5. Upperbox seems the most reasonable.
  6. Cody should have known better, it is not entirely the writers' fault, all their ideas will have to GO through Vince. Vince approving Stardust is already a bad sign. Vince SHOULD step down and let his own wrestlers have at least a fair bit of creative control.
  7. I'll go if they bring more NXT guys. Although it would be sweet if at least Owens, Cesaro, Rollins, and Zayn would be there
  8. The Mcmahon's used that much time because of Enzo's injury, I think matagal dapat ung tag team match kahit papaano. They missed a golden opportunity to introduce Balor at that ppv, they are milking AJ styles vs reigns a bit too long. And an extreme rules for them both? a rematch even if AJ lost? That was stupid booking. If Balor entered the scene, with gallows and anderson turning against AJ, it would be better. I assume they will do this at extreme rules, so that AJ can be pinned by Reigns after suffering an attack(sadly to make reigns still strong, instead of a DQ finish win for aj but reigns retaining title if they did it at payback)
  9. Butterfly- Digimon 1/3 no junjou na kanjou- Rurouni Kenshin
  10. Finn Balor needs to drop the title before going to the main roster fully. So either samoa joe gets it OR wait until Shinsuke Nakamura is in the title picture. But I believe Nakamura will get to the main roster BEFORE balor though, it is obvious that he does not need transition.
  11. So basically warcraft 3: Frozen Throne + Dota maps? Check ko kung kaya ko iupload ung akin
  12. I'll add to what I said earlier. 1. As I said, as a kid, nothing beats that Psycho Mantis. The ingenious way of switching ps1 controller ports so that he cannot read your mind is awesome. Metal Gear Solid was a game way ahead of its time. Hideo Kojima is a genius. 2. On the ps2, FFX way of getting each character's ultimate weapons. The annoying lightning dodges and that chocobo stuff. 3. PS2 again, and another Metal Gear, this time Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It would be the boss fight against The End as there are two ways to defeat him. One is to play normally and find that sniper and use whatever it takes. The other is the genius of Kojima showing up again. If you save in the middle of the boss fight and switch of the game and wait for 2 weeks(or advance the time clock of the console), when you load your file, The End would have died of natural causes(he was old). Aside from that, you can also kill him a bit earlier when you see him on a wheelchair, completely removing the boss fight if you do kill him. 4. PS3, the whole Arkham Asylum game. There were no good superhero games until that one came along. 5. PC, Playing Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft for the first time. 6. Sega Genesis : This would be technically my first console. I had the second version of the Genesis. I finished Sonic games on it.
  13. Reigns is decent, it's just that he is below Seth and Dean Ambrose when they started together as the Shield. Bullet Club seemed to be on full force, Anderson and Gallows already showed themselves. This could mean AJ Styles might become the leader again, up until Finn Balor turns heel and gets back what was originally his. Also, Can't wait for Nakamura to wrestle AJ Styles again. But for Nakamura and Balor to leave NXT, Kenta(Hideo Itami) needs to become healthy.
  14. Not when the shield turned face against the authority, he gets a decent pop when he speared Triple H then. He got booed when he gets pushed so much, and the fans wanted Daniel Brian to get that push.
  15. Yes. Worth it yung bayad. More value kasi for you the moment the f2p access begins. Also, need mo ung token, or else you cannot trade(probably their way to combat gold sellers) so kung gagastusan mo lang din naman, ok ung mga bundles ngayon.