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  1. Catching Hell on Netflix
  2. Power Rangers is kid friendly..
  3. Still waiting for S02..
  4. Gerald’s Game on Netflix
  5. The punisher on netflix!
  6. Lots of pairs on FB marketplace! Be careful though.. lots of fakes too. PS: OEM means fake.
  7. Kakabalik ko lang galing Japan, malinis ang paligid at disiplinado ang mga tao. Sana magaya dito..
  8. Stay with seiko until you can afford tag, then move up to omega, then breitling then AP...
  9. Totoo ba na may bagong ridley scott alien universe based movie? Or sequel?
  10. I wonder if this will be written as well as the original trilogy..
  11. Great movie, some unanswered questions though. Like with guillermo..
  12. Dosanko in malate if it's still open
  13. Dana banked too much on a strong rookie.
  14. Chef. For 15+ years now.
  15. Visible tattoos are a no-no. I was shouted at by a couple of people for this.