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Found 1 result

  1. **Disclaimer: I'm in no way being paid by this brand to do this or say nice things about the brand. This is coming from my own experience. With that said, I'd like to introduce all of you to my trusted ally, Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB 95mb/s. I've been shooting with Sandisk since 2008, I've also tried other brands and different/slower cards, and all I can tell you is SanDisk has never failed me yet, not once. The only reason I got rid of my old memory cards was because I've upgraded to many cameras and I've also switched to doing video work as well, so I needed faster cards. Does it matter what size/speed I get? Yes it does. Since I've been shooting with the Sony a6300 for the past 2 years, with its new coded I needed a minimum of 64GB card to record in 4K, and also 120fps slowmo. On top of that, I needed a faster card minimum 90-95mb/s. I've had the Extreme Plus (gold) before but it was too slow for the camera, my footage would be ghosting. I believe 64GB is the minimum for all mirrorless, but don't quote me on that. I just recently bought a couple of 128GB SDXC 95mb/s since they went on sale, but I don't use this on events. I only use it for corporate shoots or music videos specially when I'm shooting in 4K and/or S-LOG3. Reason being why I don't use 128GB on Weddings is because I like to organize my clips/footage during shoots. 64GB is plenty enough to last me from prep up to the end of ceremony, so once prep is done, I dump that first SD card on my laptop and put a new card in before the ceremony begins, same goes for the post-nup shoot and reception. Same thing applies with my other shooters. This way, it's easy for me to label everything. It also saves me in case something goes wrong with the camera or the card, like camera turning off while recording. Tips to avoid corrupted cards: Make sure to format your memory cards on the camera before recording or taking photos. Simply deleting photos or videos on the camera doesn't fully clear the leftover data on the card. According to SanDisk “Formatting helps clear the card of extraneous issues from standard use. Erasing images just tells your camera that it’s okay to write over the images already on your card. So you will not actually remove images, but just take images over the existing ones. This always leaves ‘traces’ of data on the card. By formatting it you actually remove the images before taking new ones. So you will start of with a fresh data free card.” So I suggest you get in the habit of formatting your cards. It can reduce the risk of data corruption. Also make sure to format the memory card in your camera, not on your computer. Hope this helps. Happy shooting!