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To Admins and Mods, I am submitting my application as APS Contributor.. 

(1) Must be a member of APS for at least four (4) months, in good standing, and has shown positive forum activity*

  A proud member of APS since January 5, 2015 (tagal ko na pala dito hindi ko namalayan)

(2) Must have at least one hundred fifty (150) posts to apply**.

 As of now I already have 940 post and more to come..

(3) Must have at least fifty (50) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***.

 currently I have 51 new topics,


(4) Must have uploaded at least 25 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format "yourname"****.

I have 26 files (sana madagdagan ko pa to honestly nahirapan ako kumpletuhin ito hehe)   3post  2post  2post 2post

(5) Must have at least 200 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members)

As of now I have 2359 likes in my reputation...


Kumakatok po,.. Thanks in advance.. 

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Well well well... look who's here. Isa itong mamang ito sa mga masisipag dito mag-post e. My first liker of the NSFW Music Videos Thread. Matagal ka na namin iniintay ni Sir @Smeagol dito sa kabila. Goodluck brader! May the force be with you! :D

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