Top Ways To Sleep Quickly And Easily At Night

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Top 6 Ways To Sleep Quickly And Easily At Night



A recent study reveals that almost millions of people in the world face some difficulties to sleep quickly and easily at night without having some sort of medications. Even many people around the world are suffering from lack of sleep especially at night time. Actually, a good sleep is necessary to maintain overall health. If you are such kind of individual, don’t worry. Many ways are there to sleep fast at night without any medications. The following are the top six ways to sleep quickly.


6. Follow the Sleep Cycle Correctly:


Going to the bed at right time is the important thing if you want to sleep quickly. If you are going to the bed at different times, it will lead to irregular sleep patterns. So, make a schedule and follow that without fail. Follow the same schedule even on the weekends. Try to wake up at the same time everyday. If you maintain the regular sleep pattern you never need alarm clock to wake up in the morning.


5. Take a Deep Breath Before Going To Bed :


One of the major reason not to fall asleep at night is anxiety and stress. You may not feel the physical effects of them but subconsciously your mind is still locked in a tense state of over activity. So, if you do a deep breathing exercise for at-least 10 minutes before going to bed, you are more likely to get a good night sleep. It also helps you to slow down your heart rate. inhale the air through the nose and release the same through the mouth. Try to focus your breath rather than the thoughts going through your mind.


4. Take a Warm Bath :


Taking a warm bath at night-time helps you to come out from the stress. It relax both your body and the mind. So, take a warm bath before 1 or 2 hour you’re going to sleep.

You may ask how it works?

Taking warm bath increases your body temperature 2-3 degrees at that time and it will drop down gradually. This temperature change over in your body induces you to sleep quickly. In the warm water, it is advisable to add 2-3 pinch of Epsom salt. It helps to relax your muscles and soothe any aches and pains that may be a reason to stay awake at night.


3. Follow the Right Diet at Night :


That is 100% right. During night time you should not take a heavy foods. Because, it will take more time to digest. Also eating before going to bed might lead to indigestion and will affect your sleeping cycle. So, try to finish your dinner before 8.00 P.M.  If you drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep you will definitely feel drowsy after few minutes. If you don’t like to drink a plain milk then mix some honey into that. For certain people, this strategy won’t work within a few days. You need to follow this at-least 2-weeks, so then your body can adapt itself for this habit.


2. Hear Melodious Music :


Hearing Soft Music at night is the best alternative for sleeping pills. A research proved that hearing music before going to sleep makes you to sleep better. It induce physical changes which includes lowering the respiration and heartbeat rate which in turn helps you to fall asleep at night


1. Turn off the Electronic Gadgets : 


Obviously, in this modern world we cannot keep ourselves away from the electronic items like cell phones, computer, laptop and Television for an hour. However, using those electronic items at the night time will disturb our sleep.

You may ask what is the connection between electronic gadgets and sleep?

The reason is Melatonin. It is the hormone and it’s production is vary depend on the light exposure. It is somewhat responsible to control our sleep cycle. In daytime, the sunlight suppresses the production of this hormone; while at night the hormone secretion increases.

The light from the electronic gadgets decreases the melatonin production at night and make our bodies to think it is not a time to sleep.

If you have a habit of reading before going to bed try to use the external light source instead of device light source that have a backlight (like ebook readers).

Reading 5-10 minutes in bed helps to make your eye muscles tired and slowly makes you become drowsy.


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I need this bad as well. Having worked on a company with a crazy schedule for years did a number to my sleep cycle. I would like to go back to a monophasic, 7 - 8 hours of sleep at night but couldn't. Automatic nagigising na ako after 5 hours of sleep and I feel really sluggish throughout the day unless I would sleep for another 3 - 4 hours sa tanghali. Warm bath helps somehow to get me to sleep a lot easily, 'yung length lang talaga ang problem ko.

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I'm not advocating in any way drug-induced sleep pero one of my former co-workers suggested Benadryl kapag hindi daw makatulog. My concern with this is dosage - sa una baka tumalab pero once mahiyang ng katawan mo baka 'yung dating isang teaspoon maging limang kutsara na hirap ka pa ring matulog o kaya nasusunog na bahay mo, 'di ka pa rin magising. 'Yung isa namang ka-team ko dati ang technique niya, isang boteng Red Horse daw. I stopped drinking alcohol several years ago so I can't say how effective this is especially sa mga frequent imbibers of liquid courage.

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Number 6 is the foundation of a very good sleeping habit. Keep it regular until your body recognizes the right time to sleep.

For those who cannot avoid using computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets before sleeping, use blue light filters so you can adjust the light output of your device so you can sleep better.

For PCs and Laptops use f.lux. IOS has a built in filter. Only a few select android devices has a blue light filter.

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