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Your Top 5 Favorite Games Of All Time

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As the title suggest, Let us name our personal top 5 favorite games of all time. it can be anything from console, android, or in PC as long as its a game that really got us hook that we can never forget it. So without further undo, this are my top 5 favorite games of all time. 

1.) Resident Evil (all of its game in PS)


Being a huge fan of this game, i have grown to love all the characters of all the RE games. its the game that gave sleepless night trying to finish it. and also some bad dreams because of all the horror the game has to offer. 

2.) Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 1 and 2


As one of the leading Esports in the world, no gamer shouldn't know DOTA. being the largest gaming tournament of the of all time, The International, where they fight for a whooping 15-20 million dollars, its a very entertaining game. 

3.) Shin megami tensei :Persona 3 


This third installment of persona has change everything about the game. from a mediocre to a block buster game, and when you start it you will surely get hook to the game. i my self spend 250+ hours on this game.

4.) Dragon Nest 


A hack and slash fast phase MMORPG that is very enjoyable and relaxing. with a great story line, cute characters, end game needs, and a... unique community. (nailed it!) this is a very good game and im still playing it. but since they rebooted everything, im not as active as i was since the 32, 40, 50, 60, and 70 cap era.

5.) Elder Scroll V: Skyrim


Where do i even start. for one, was the best game the year it got out, over 43 million copies was sold during the first 2 days, and became the basis of the other open world games such as the witcher and GTA V. over all, its a great game! you can literary be anything you want to be in the game, you can collect, make, craft, plant, etc. in the game, you can go to any places and do a thousand quests all over the land of skyrim and still go back to the game and enjoy travelling the world on this game. to be honest, im very conflicted whether i will pick Skyrim, The Witcher or GTA V. but since i love this 3 games, i just based it to which is it that i spend more time playing among the 3 and Since i spend 500+ hours playing this, i picked Skyrim. 


So there you have it. my top 5 most favorite games of all time.

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Its hard selecting just 5 games but let me try. I'm an arcade or fighting game addict so here's my 5 in no particular order. Tsaka ko na bigay yung non fighting games.

1. Street Fighter Series: This is what started it all I remember the first time being in Glico's and seeing that big screen it was when Street Fighter 2 came out and I was just amazed with the new characters (I Played the 1st SF I liked it but it did not leave me in awe as the 2nd one) how smooth the graphics were even back then. The 1st time I skipped school to master all the characters and know more about mga origins and specially ending nila.

2. Mortal Kombat Series: It came when I was a lil older so of course I was fascinated by the gore and all the other crazy things you can do to your opponents (Babality, animality, friendship, etc) Madaming mga moments when you say Oh Shit! Like the 1st time I saw Kano ripped someone's heart and it was still beating. Classic!

3. X-men Children of The Atom: Being a big X-men and comic book fan eto yung game changer like an OG to the x-men vs street fighter, marvel vs capcom, etc that we now have today. It incorporated mga out S level attacks at mga combos that can do max damages so madami pa rin mga come from behind wins and momentum shift.

4. Tekken Series: Another game changer some people prefer Virtua Fighter or DOA series but for me Tekken is the best among the rest. #-d fihghting with different martial arts to select from and a great storyline to this day that still has a growing fanbase.

5. Samurai Showdown: I was a beast sa larong to.. So I have to put this in my top 5. Won my 1st arcade tournament kaya this game will always be special to me.

Honorable Mention: Darkstalkers , Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear, Rival Schools.

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In no particular order:

1. Chrono Trigger (SNES - 1995)

Square (Square Enix)



One of the shining examples of Japanese RPG. The game was way ahead of its time. The story was engaging, the characters were nuanced, and the battle system was the result of Square's refinement of all their turn-based RPGs to that point. It had multiple endings so there's a lot of replayability to be had. Even today the game holds up quite well. Akira Toriyama's (Dragonball, Dragon Quest) art is just icing on the cake.

2. Planescape: Torment (PC - 1999)

Black Isle Studios/Interplay



Among the D&D games made by Black Isle/Bioware from the late 90s to the early 00s like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, for me, this was their best. The story isn't about a great evil that will end the world if you don't stop it. It doesn't rely on that trope. The story is a personal one - an amnesiac immortal searching for his identity. In your journey you will meet complex and strange characters and each one has a back story that is both interesting and engaging, that is if you choose to pursue it. There's a lot of choices to be made in the game and most encounter could even be resolved peacefully. The game is very atmospheric and Sigil, as your hub for the most of the game, is a living city and it definitely has the lived in feel to it. Gameplay-wise, it's a D&D game so there's a lot of tactical considerations that is available to you if you choose the martial way of solving things.

3. Silent Hill 2 (PS2 - 2001)




For me, this is still the best psychological horror game. The premise is simple, James Sunderland receives a letter from his dead wife instructing him to go back to Silent Hill. From there we follow him in his hellish journey and we learn that he might not be the dedicated loving husband he's initially portrayed as. One of the first games I can remember that handled mature themes quite well in the context of a horror game. The constructed myth behind Silent Hill has fascinated me since the second game and there are a lot of fan sites out there that delves deep into it.

4.  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PS - 1998)

Crystal Dynamics



I'm the first to admit that this game isn't without issues. The box puzzles are unimaginative and the controls could have been tighter. The ending was also anti-climactic and there were definitely plot holes when this came out (they were addressed later on in the sequels) but the world and the characters are very unique. The story was done quite well and the voice actors were perfect. Even today I know by heart the first few lines uttered by Raziel at the beginning of the game.

5. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (PC - 2013)




I'm a big stealth guy. I've played all the Thief games, the Hitman games, the old Tenchu and Syphon Filter games as well as the excellent indie-developed Mark of the Ninja. I'd put the Splinter Cell series over Metal Gear any day. What I like about it is that it's a lot more grounded in reality and firmly placed in the techno-thriller genre. I would argue that Metal Gear is more in the spectrum of science fiction. The general consensus is that Chaos Theory is the best in the series and while I liked and played it several times, I liked Black List's sandbox, multiple approach to each of the missions more. You can go guns blazing, selective assassination, or complete stealth without killing anybody. The multiplayer aspect of the game is also unique and the co-op missions are really fun especially if your partner knows what they are doing.



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Naming 5 out of the hundred games I had played in my entire is quite a challenge, you know. So, I will just list down what I immediately thought to be worth sharing here. And since Sir @SiCLOUD already mention DN SEA, I won't include that in my list. It could've been on my top 3 though.. 


Tetris - Why? Why not! If you haven't played this game then you're not a gamer. Pun intended. Anyways, let me go back to the real list:


1. God Of War - (mimicking Kratos' voice) All franchise. No need to explain. 



2. Megaman X series - Ask me anything. All upgrades and armor upgrades. Sub tanks & Heart tanks locations. Even how to get the Hadouken. Shoryuken and Z-Saber. 



3. Counter-Strike 1.6 - One of the best shooting games every created and considering it as a competitive play makes it a lot more fun! *bunny hops*



6. Twisted Metal - I love cars and played a lot of racing games including that mentioned by Sir @beembeem (NFS fan here) but adding a bit of a violence is this game's forte. Thanks to Sweet Tooth. Side note: If only Death Race movie was as good as this game.. 



5. X-men vs. Street Fighter - Just like Mr. @N-eazy back there. I'm into fighting games too but what makes this one special is because this is where all versus crossovers started. Plus the fact that I'm good at it. Challenge, anyone?


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bro @noturextraordinaryguy megafan or rockman or megaman series din ako! :APS_omg: Family comp days pa. Dr. Wily Days pa bago ko pa makalaban si Sigma. Quick question thou I prefer Zero over Megaman and mukhang expert ka talag dito sa game nato. I dunno ang angas lang kasi ni Zero and even if problem niya lagi range his moves are just spectacular. You can even do combos with his arsenal.

Oh can I post my top 5 non fighting games rin. Haha.

1. God of War series: my fav non aracade game of all time. nuff said.


2. NBA 2K: eto ubos oras talaga at like the players every year I try to improve on my game rin. Tsaka sulit as long as meron ka iba't ibang nakakalaban.


3. GTA series: I made it a habbit to buy and finish the game every release.


4. WWF Attitude: being a big wrestling fan and growing up sa attitude era eto yung pag uwi nyo galing school mga friends laro hanggang gabi.


5. Twisted Metal: I like GTA and I think it revolutionized the racing genre but I need some destruction and eto masarap laruin with your friends. Sweettooth & Darktooth lalo na sa latest version transforming to a mini version of Optimus Prime tsaka much more diverse mga cars and specials. Santa Monica Studios rin gumawa alam ko iba version ng game.


Honorable Mention: Castlevania series

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1 hour ago, daedra said:

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Dota 2

3. Fall Out: New Vegas

4. Final Fantasy VI

5. GTA: Vice City

By your name I would have thought any of The Elder Scrolls game would be there somewhere :)

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in no particular order

1. Dota2


3. World of Warcraft

4. Monster Rancher

5. Command and Conquer Red Alert 2


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To be fair, I will only include games that were made before June 30, 2016--the date this topic was posted. Newer games like Frostpunk and Steel Division could have been on anybody's list, I suppose. Below are my top 5, in no particular order:

Journey is a unique game in which there is neither violence nor competition with other players, just a moving and memorable experience. The visuals and music are top-notch.

The Max Payne series was known for its unmatched third-person gunplay and bullet-time animations. Max Payne 3, in particular, moved the series forward with its grittier tone and more realistic graphics.

Neverwinter Nights' original campaign was wholly forgettable, but the countless community-created content  made this game stand out among most RPGs.

Saints Row 4 is another game which became better because of mods. But the most fun I had with this game was when I created a character which looked exactly like my wife--face, figure and voice.

Games from the Worms series, especially Worms: Armageddon, are in my opinion, among the best TBS games of all time. I have been hooked to these games since childhood, and still checking out the newer games like Worms W.M.D.

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