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Good morning mga Sir ! After 2 Presidents and almost 2 years ng pagtambay ko dito tingin ko na-meet ko na yung requirements para makasali na rin sa party dyan sa other side of the realm.

Eto po yung mga requirements ko :

(1) Must be a member of APS for at least four (4) months, in good standing, and has shown positive forum activity*

 Member since July 12, 2014 , hopefully positive ang view saken ng mga members kahit madalas kong makalimutang ilagay yung password lalo na nung bobo days ko nung di pako marunong mag-code nung links, pati na rin pag di ko napapansin na posted na pala yung ibang topics tsaka pics.. . Sorry na mga Idol :'(

(2) Must have at least one hundred fifty (150) posts to apply*.

 As of now may 163 active post na po ako (not as impressive as my fellow APSters here)

(3) Must have at least fifty (50) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***.

So far may 51 new topics pa lang po ako (barely meeting the requirement).

  1. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10680-drive-thru
  2. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10679-beach-ware-strips
  3. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10678-aurora-belle
  4. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10607-haruna-yabuki
  5. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10586-carla-maria
  6. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10566-lauren-reid
  7. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9981-wwe-brand-split
  8. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10563-melissa-tai
  9. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10560-jericka-martel
  10. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10245-elisse-joson
  11. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9978-rox-montealegre
  12. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10002-toni-fowler
  13. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10483-konata-lulu-sushi-bts
  14. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10461-jang-mi-inae
  15. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10439-seoh-yeon
  16. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10410-shoko-takasi
  17. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10329-monique-manuel
  18. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10305-eun-jeong
  19. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10236-michelle-panemanglor
  20. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10226-topless-dj-nina
  21. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10225-kriz-zel-co-maribel-esteban-and-grey-gomez-bts
  22. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10190-football-bodypaint
  23. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10016-jennifer-stosz
  24. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10006-amy-fay
  25. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9977-rhatha-phongnam
  26. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9980-sex-scenes-tang-wei
  27. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9698-katarina-rodriguez
  28. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9791-emmanuelle-vera
  29. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9740-lana-asanin
  30. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9574-short-film-morning-wait
  31. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9765-ayla
  32. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9754-cameron-diaz
  33. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9753-leeann-tweeden
  34. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9421-jeri-oro
  35. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9741-cassandra-dawn
  36. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9709-cristina-garcia
  37. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9677-maryjun-takashi
  38. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9626-arriane-mondido
  39. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9657-sung-hi-lee
  40. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9633-suan-javinez
  41. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9627-tina-marasigan
  42. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9576-nude-restaurant
  43. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9586-sod-lets-get-fight
  44. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9577-artistic-nude-shoot
  45. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9556-francine-prieto
  46. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9539-volo-magazine-khlam
  47. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9527-kelly-welt
  48. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9517-natalia-forrest
  49. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9455-kina-kai
  50. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9454-logan-stanton
  51. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10682-micaela-schafer

(4) Must have  uploaded at least 25 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format "yourname"@allpinoystuff.com****.

Kung tama ang kwenta ko 28 files na yung naipasa ko.


  1.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10680-drive-thru (1 video)
  2.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10679-beach-ware-strips (1 video)
  3.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10678-aurora-belle (1 video)
  4.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10483-konata-lulu-sushi-bts (1 video)
  5.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10002-toni-fowler (1 video)
  6.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10226-topless-dj-nina (1 video)
  7.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10225-kriz-zel-co-maribel-esteban-and-grey-gomez-bts (1 video)
  8.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10190-football-bodypaint (6 videos)
  9.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9980-sex-scenes-tang-wei (2 videos)
  10.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9574-short-film-morning-wait (1 video)
  11.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9765-ayla (1 video)
  12.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9754-cameron-diaz (1 video)
  13.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9741-cassandra-dawn (1 video)
  14.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9576-nude-restaurant (1 video)
  15.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9586-sod-lets-get-fight (1 video)
  16.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9556-francine-prieto (1 video)
  17.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9577-artistic-nude-shoot (1 video)
  18.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9539-volo-magazine-khlam (1 video)
  19.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/10682-micaela-schafer (1 video)
  20.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9422-hin-5-bikini-contest (2 videos)
  21.   http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/9769-davalos-twins (1 video)

(5) Must have at least 200 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members).
     As of today may 404 likes (sana hindi ma-jinx ng error 404) na ako.

So yan okay na.. . sana lang okay rin ang maging resulta. Salamat mga Sir :afraid:


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Well Sir @roboratzinger ... there's nothing wrong with being marginal and not as "impressive' as the other past candidates. As long as you've met the proper requirements then you're eligible for the contributor rank.

Goodluck mate! See you on the other dimension! :D

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