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How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

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I've never solved a rubik's cube before and even with the instructions below, it's not easy for me. Needless to say, this just one of the ways to do it.


Step 1: White Cross
You should be able to complete this step just by playing around with the cube. Make sure that the edges of the cross match the center squares on the adjacent sides.

Step 2: Finish First Layer

Step 3: Middle Layer
You may need to move some middle-layer edge pieces from the top layer. Follow the patterns below to get these pieces in the right places.  


Step 4: Top Corners
To get the corners in the right place, you can use this pattern to swap corners until all four corners are in the right location. At this stage, they do not need to be facing the right way.


To orient corners use a combination of the patterns below. The first will turn the faces of three corners clockwise. The next will turn the faces of three faces counter-clockwise.


Step 5: Top Layer Edges In The Right Place
Make sure all the edges are in the right location. Do not worry if they are facing the wrong way. Use a combination of the patterns below to move these edge pieces.


Step 6: Top Layer Edges Facing The Right Way
Use either of the patterns below or a combination to orient these edge pieces correctly.


Source: Business Insider

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Thanks bro. Sayang at wala ako rubik cube ngayun para ma-testing sana. :th_hopeless:

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Boss @Miggy I don't have one but I found a very detailed instruction although it might take a few re-reads since it's quite TL;DR and familiarization with the notation is a must. I personally couldn't make heads or tails of the steps but others might find this useful.

Basic Rubik's Cube Notation


Advanced Notation


How to solve the Rubik's Cube Blindfolded



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Same algorithms being used since the 80's ... moves na nga lang nakakagay now para mas madaling masundan.

One more starter tip... The middle cube in every side doesnt change, So... if it's blue then the whole side was of that same color.

F.Y.I. Thanks! :D

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