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Beards/Facial Hair Facts

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There's still a few months before Movember and while I can't grow a full beard - mapagkakamalan akong masamang elemento ng lipunan - here's to those that are blessed with glorious facial hair and as well for the others that are still deciding if they can pull it off.






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Beard growing tips

Hair is little dead pieces of you slowly coming out of your body. If they lived a good life, then they will exist as a good hair — otherwise your beard will look like sh*t. So to have the best beard you will start with a healthy diet and foods high in protein.

The higher protein diet will help boost your testosterone, which is a key factor in beard epicness. You'll want to make sure to get your veggies: peas, broccoli, chickpeas, and spinach are especially high protein vegetables. Another way to increase your testosterone is to exercise regularly — lifting weights in particular.

If you eat a perfectly balanced diet, you won't need to take any vitamins or supplements. However, if you suspect your diet is less than ideal you may want to consider adding these beard-assisting supplements: biotin, fish oil, and a multivitamin. Or you could simplify your life and take a vitamin designed specifically for beard growth.

Keep stress and smoking to a minimum and you will be living up to your full beard growth potential.  

Beard maintenance tips

Once you've got your beard growing at its best, you'll have to take care of it to keep it that way. This starts in the shower: you have to resist the urge to shampoo your beard everyday. Shampooing beards puts a lot of strain on beards because it strips out the natural oils that keep your beard healthy and moisturized. I try to wash only once or twice a week and always use a beard softener after washing. Beardbrand's Wash & Softener are the finest washing products designed specifically for beards.

Immediately after the shower, while your pores are still open, is the best time to add some beard oil to your face and beard. Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner that will help keep your beard soft, shiny, and prevent against beard dandruff.

From there, you'll need to minimize the damage to your beard. Excessive brushing, blow drying, or just stroking can lead to split ends and bald patches. If you are the type to play with your beard, try to keep objects near by to keep your hands occupied — a stress ball won't bring you near as much heartache. Trimming regularly will help remove split ends and even out fast growing hairs.

For your combing needs, try to get a saw-cut and handmade comb like a cellulose acetate comb. These combs will glide through your beard like a hot knife through butter and create little to no static. If you are a brush person, avoid the nylon brushes and go for a boar's hairbrush. The hairs help redistribute your natural oils rather than stripping them away.

Beard styling tips

Now that your beard is healthy and strong, you've got some style options. Besides your natural full beard, your Garibaldi and Verdi are the most common full beard styles. The Verdi is a shorter beard with larger mustache, and the Garibaldi is a full round big bushy beard.

If you can't grow a full beard, I like to say, "grow what you got." You can go for the mustache only, partial beard (chops), or goatee. If you've got a nice 'stache then you may want to play around with some mustache wax. There are a lot of options on the market and you'll have to decide which is the best.

A medium hold natural beeswax mustache wax will give you a lot of flexibility, keep your mustache out of the way, but have it still looking natural. Bruce Roe, a world mustache champion, recommends using Brother's Love. It's a crème-based product that goes on easier and stiffens to a hold. It'll leave a chalky residue whereas the wax leaves a waxy residue, so pick your poison.

To help tame your beard you'll want to go with a hair styling product like Fellow Barber Texture Paste. Once these elements are in place, you'll have a kickass beard that's manly, stylish, and just plain awesome. 



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Some of the biggest, most lustrous beards out there are harboring a dark secret: beard dandruff. The skin beneath that impressive mane is often malnourished, having been starved for attention (in the form of moisture, that is). So, while the beard glistens, the dry skin beneath flecks and flakes.

Beard dandruff is a very real thing that can affect even the most veteran facial hair authorities. It's a sneaky ailment, catching unwanted attention before you realize it's there. That's because while bountiful facial hair acts as a defense against the sun—a natural SPF, if you will—but it also creates a barrier to a necessary skincare regimen, which would otherwise keep the face nourished and smooth.

Which means bearded guys will need to make a few small adjustments to their regularly scheduled regimen. The following three steps, done daily, will banish any existing dandruff, while strengthening the skin to prevent further flakeage.

Exfoliate with a beard brush

Usually, exfoliating is the second step in a skincare regimen. However, when it comes to the skin beneath your beard, it’s logistically easier to exfoliate the beard area first—before cleansing, and before you step in the shower.

For this task, any guy with a beard needs a beard brush. (We like Zeus’ Boar Bristle Brush.) It tames strays, it detangles knots, it distributes oils, and best of all, it exfoliates the skin beneath the beard. Yes, you’re bringing the dandruff to surface here, better to deal with them now than when you're in the bathroom at work or on a date.

Always shower after brushing.

Cleanse with a lactic-acid cleanser

Yes, we know: “Lactic-acid” cleanser sounds way harsh. But any cleanser that has it will naturally dissolve dead skin, acting as a second—and more soothing—exfoliating agent on the skin. (Bonus tip: Any body lotion that deploys lactic acid will help dissolve callused skin, so use it on your hands and feet.)

Whereas the brush lifts all the ready-to-flake skin from your face, this cleanser will help dissolve any of the dead, uppermost layer of skin and make way for the healthiest, sturdiest dermis. So, hop into the shower, lather up your entire face and beard with something like Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleanser, and you should emerge flake-free and fresh-faced.

Moisturize with a beard oil

It’s hard to get goopy moisturizer under all those beard bristles. It doesn’t apply as cleanly, nor does it absorb as easily as to the rest of your face. Use an oil in its place. In fact, use Jack Black’s MP10 Nourishing Oil, specifically—and put your standard moisturizer on hold. This oil is first and foremost for your face, hydrating the skin with 10 natural oils as well as antioxidants. However, it also nourishes and softens facial hair, making it just as effective as a beard oil.

Two small pumps should cover both your face and shorter beard styles; add a pump for larger beards, and comb it through if necessary, to distribute the oil to your entire mane. Before applying, warm up the oil in your palms and fingers, then apply from below: Slide your hands up from beneath your chin, across your face to the opposite cheek. Repeat with both hands until everything is distributed. The oil is light enough to seep past the hair and coat the skin, thus fortifying it to prevent further flaking.



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