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Your Top 10 (Action Movie)

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Hello there again APS,

Can you guys and gals please give you top 10 action movie.

Let's focus on guns and explosions, I'll post another one for martial arts movie.

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What if the movie have both guns and explosions and martial arts?

Here's mine. There are probably dozens of action films that I like but can't think of when I wrote this so I guess this list is more of what popped into my head and not necessarily my all-time greats (that list often changes anyway). Still, a good recommendation I guess.

Hot Fuzz (2007) - I've watched Hot Fuzz countless of times. IMHO this is the best of the Cornetto Trilogy of movies with Shaun of the Dead trailing and The World's End last. Perfect example of British dry humor and endlessly quotable. The movie's both a spoof and an homage to action films of the 80s and 90s.

John Wick/John Wick: Chapter 2 (2014/2017) - There's not a lot of Gun fu films and while Equilibrium was also great, I think the John Wick films edges it by a mile. The ultra-serious world of John Wick is cheesy and Keanu as an actor doesn't have a lot of range but the film works. It's taut, the action scenes were great, and it has the distinction among a few movies where the sequel didn't drop the ball.

Taken (2008) - The plot isn't really anything to write home about but Liam Neeson's badassery actually made the film memorable. The sequels were average and were just milking the unexpected popularity of the first film.

Dredd (2012) - Big Marvel and DC movies aside, this was comicbook movie done right. Judge Dredd's portrayal is as close as it will be in celluloid form. I can't think of any other movie with the same premise as Dredd and The Raid at the top of my head, I'm sure there are few and far between, which made it quite unique.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) - Not the biggest Terminator fan but it's contribution to movie-making by way of special effects is unquestioned. I was blown away by the T-1000, the soundtrack was spot-on, and the big action pieces were memorable.

Bad Boys II (2003) - I'll be the first to admit it's unapologetically dumb and it has all the excesses of a Michael Bay movie but it's fun in a turn-off-your-brain and enjoy all the explosions kind of way.

Black Hawk Down (2002) - Another one where I have watched it dozens of times. Funny thing about this movie is you can play spot-the-actor as it had several then-unknown stars like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones' Jamie Lannister), Hugh Dancy (Hannibal's Will Graham), and Tom Hardy (Bane from The Dark Knight Rises).

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) - Panned by critics and bombed at the box office so I guess this is a guilty pleasure. I love that the film is lead by a woman that isn't overly sexualized nor a damsel-in-distress.

Con Air (1997) - Among the Nicholas Cage actioner of the 90s, I think I like this the most. This and The Rock, I really can't decide but I'll go with this one as almost all the cast were hamming it up and it was gloriously hilarious.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986) - Whoever came up with the plot must have smoked some good sh*t back in the day. Relentlessly fun movie although I haven't watched it recently, I don't think the effects have aged well but you'll be hard pressed to find anything close to how crazy this is in the current crop of action films.

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here is mine, in no particular order. 

1. die hard 1,2,3,4 - for me, the die hard franchise ended with die hard 4

2. the rock - i agree with sir This_is_the_End with Con-air and this one being some of nicholas cage's better movies, but i'll go with the rock

3. the patriot - one of mel gibson's better movies. couldn't go with braveheart because it doesn't have any guns

4. john wick/chapter 2 - everyone should have already seen this

5. taken - can't top the original. the sequels was only there to milk the cow

6. fast and furious 4, 5, 6, 7 - guns, explosions, and cars

7. captain america: the winter soldier - one of the greatest espionage films ever

8. g.i. joe: the rise of cobra - this is one of those movies that almost every scene has an action scene

9. kick ass - i was so surprised how good this movie turned out and just forget about the sequel

10. the matrix - one of the best action sequences and the introduction of bullet time

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You can't go wrong with Iko Uwais or Tony Jaa movies (though you may want to hurl through the non action scenes :P ). My top 10 action movies in no particular order are:

1. The Raid (there are 2 sequels as well)

2. Ong Bak (again 2 sequels)

3. Once Upon A Time In China (5 or 6 sequels I can't remember anymore) - Classic Jet Li stuff

4. Infernal Affairs / The Departed - I know, it's more of a drama but the action scenes meshed so well with the tension brought about by the story. Made me appreciate this as a penultimate action movie. ^_^

5. Predator (and its sequels)

6. John Wick and its sequel

7. The Matrix

8. Seven Swords - Fun and varied action scenes with melee weapons! ^_^

9. Kung Fu Hustle / Shaolin Soccer / God of Cookery - 3 different movies but all kung fu comedy gold

10. 300 - Say what you like, the action was top notch. ^_^

Bonus: Triple Threat - It's an upcoming movie but it looks pretty awesome. ^_^

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Etong best pick as far as I can remember, medyo iba taste ko :)

1. Mistah (Robin Padilla)

2. Predator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

3. Bangis (Monsour Del Rosario) - Predator version ng pinas

4. Black Hawk Down

5. Saving Private Ryan

6. Ben Tumbling (Lito Lapid)

7. Boyong Manalac (Eddie Garcia)

8. Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story

9. Ang Probinsyano (FPJ)

10. The Expendables 


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in no particular order and i consider trilogy and duology as one since similar sila

1. John Wick duology

2. 300

4. Gladiator

5. Equilibrium

6. Kill Bill

7. Hard Boiled

8. Ruruoni Kenshin trilogy

9. LOTR trilogy

10. Indiana Jones trilogy



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1. Wolf warrior

2. Eraser

3. Predator

4. Commando

5. Casino royale

6. Xxx the return of xander cage

7. Red 1&2

8. Olympus has fallen

9. Hard target

10. Naked weapon


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