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How I Met Your Mother

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i'm a fan. i've seen it a couple of times also. although the quality of their jokes some what slowed down during the latter seasons compared to the first few seasons. one of the heartbreaking scenes was when marshall's father died. the monologue at the end where ted tells his kids how he loved their mother was heartfelt. it was too bad they killed her, and made him end up with robin (which was predictable). the alternate ending was the better ending though

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im also a fan. 
just seeing this post made me remember how sad i was when it ended 
i havent re-watched it yet but i plan on doing so once i can collect all the episodes some how 

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I can't remember how many times I've finished this series from beginning to end on Netflix. It's just one of those series that you won't get sick of watching. For me specially, it's hard to start and invest time on another series after finishing one, but it's never hard for me to watch HIMYM again from the beginning.

What can I say. It has great writing, great editing, great soundtrack, not to mention the characters.

It's unfortunate and great at the same time how they already planned to film the ending of the series just when they were starting.

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