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DIY/Cheapo gears for photography

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This thread is for everyone to share their DIY project or cheapo finds that other photographers, especially beginner, could appreciate to learn. Gears and lenses can be really expensive. Especially those specialized ones that serves only one function. Like a macro lens for example. You can't use it for landscape or portrait photography so it's hard for beginner to invest in them. For that I have a suggestion or alternative.

So I bought that wide angle/macro lens combo you can easily find in lazada for about 800 pesos. The macro lens is basically a magnifying glass. You wont get the sharpest photos but you can get a decent macro photos and start learning on a budget. You'll also retain autofocus, but you'll probably doing manual focus anyway. But hey it's there if you need it. 

If you guys can share your own finds or your DIY gears for a particular type of photography, please do so. And thank you in advance.

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