Federal Republic of the Philippines?

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It's been awhile since the last time I posted something here. So I will take this opportunity to provide something interesting.

I'm actually looking for any forum thread/topics regarding this issue. Since there's none, I'll be taking advantage of being the first.

As for my background/knowledge/experience in this matter: I'm a product of the Public School System from Elementary until College. I graduated from PUP (oo yung school na nagsusunog ng upuan) so social issues are just around the corner. I've taught Politics, Economics, and Education. During the days where I'm still a young idealistic student, I'm a hard left-leaning activist. But ever since I've been slapped by the real world, I softened my views towards NatDem and SocDem. I'm not an expert, but I studied and read ALOT of literatures about this matter.

Now on the juice. I'll try to cover the following topics which I believe very essential for people to understand why Federal Governments are quite a handful:

1. Federal States - Papaano natin hahatiin ang bansa para makabuo ng mga State Governments 

2. What type of Federalism - Yung principle ng Federalism ay nagbabago as time passes by. Pero usually dalawa lang yan: Dual or Cooperative

3. National Parliament - Isa siguro ito sa Pinaka-crucial na issue sa Federal Government. We need to reform the Congress kasi crucial ang law-making body sa isang Federal Government. 

4. Taxation and Federal Budget - Saan at ano na ang mangyayari sa binabayad niyong buwis

5. Electoral Reform, Strong Party System and Political Dynasty - Nothing will change if we will not do something about these issues

6. President, Prime Minister and the Cabinet

7. Million Dollar Question - Do you support or oppose Federalism?

I'll start to post something later. If there's any question or may gusto kayong i-raise, please do post your ideas in this thread.

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