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It's the campaign period and once again, we hear a lot of promises from our HONORABLE politicians. They will promise a lot during these period and maybe some of it will happen when they win, but most of the time, it is just that PROMISES.

In light of this, let's make this list of the changes that we want and need. let's all be idealist for minute or two.

First is I'd like to see a better public transport system. the ongoing projects for the expansion of the LRT/MRT, PNR, subway is good for us long term. but they also need to manage it properly to avoid those dreaded MRT fiascoes. Also, our PUV's needs to be organized better. a proper loading/unloading areas is needed. and a more efficient dispatching system needs to be implemented so that it limits the number of PUVs on the road at the same time. this will be extremely difficult to handle because the PUVs are all private owned.

i'd also like to see more discipline on the road, not just for vehicles but for pedestrians and traffic enforcers as well. it will be great if everyone will follow all traffic signs and traffic laws properly implemented.

That's just at the top of my head. what's yours?



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