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5 Things Slowing Down Your Internet Speed

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5 Things Slowing Down your Internet Speed

5. Having Your Internet Modem or Router In The Wrong Position.


- This is definitely one of the top reasons for making your internet slow. Make sure you always have your WiFi modem above ground, in the middle of your house and away from other electronics. Doing this along with having your WiFi modem’s antenna out will increase the amount of reach it can give. Also, if your house is too big, make sure you look into getting a WiFi signal booster to increase your internet’s reach even more.

4. Having an Outdated Internet Modem or Router.


- If you’re using a large internet provider, you should ask to get the newest router every two years or so. This is because like computers, WiFi modem technology is getting better every year and in general, your older modem is just subject to wear like any other electronic device, which could also contribute to slowing down your internet.

3. Having a Spyware or Malware Toolbar or Other Software.


- This is something that’s hard to watch out for and can really slow down your internet. You have to make sure you have some kind of spyware or malware software that you run at least once a week to clean up your computer. Malwarebytes is a great example of free software that will do this for you. Also, beware of thinking that your antivirus software will do the job. Sometimes, antivirus software can’t detect malware very well, because some of them just weren’t designed to do so.

2. Having a Slow Computer.


- Having a slow computer will very likely slow down your internet, no matter how fast your internet connection is. Make sure you run regular cleanup and maintenance on your computer to make sure it can serve a good internet connection. To test this, simply open up any of your browser (like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox) and see if it takes a long time to open. If this happens your computer is slowing you down. If your browser opens fast, but it take a long time to load your homepage, then your internet is slow.

1. Being On The Same WiFi Frequency as Everybody Else.


This is definitely something more advanced, but it’s also a huge factor in your internet speed. You see because we live around many people that have WiFi modems, our signals tend to clash together and our internet slows down. However, you can look at the frequencies that these modems are on, and put your modem on a different one. This can be done with a variety of tools, however you can call your internet support line and see if they can help you with this.

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My Tip for Windows 10 users.

Set all your internet connections (whether from your router or hotspot connection to your mobile device)  to a Metered Connection. That way you prevent Windows from downloading updates every now and then which slows down connection.

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