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Forum rule # 13 on search......13. Always do a search before posting, so as to avoid posting the same topic. This will help to maintain a neat database and members will not have to waste time browsing through repeated posts. Reposts will be deleted.


Search is a useful function in avoiding duplicate posts.  Our search function is limited to 4 characters and above only, so use it properly.  Below are some guidelines and tips on how to use it properly.


a/ Search quality is depends on the keywords we will be using during searching.  Keywords shall not be too specific wherein it will show you no results and not too generic wherein it will show multiple search.  Most of the threads in APS are specific names, Any wrong character will lead to no 


b/ Use wildcard (*) in searching generic names.  Typing "helfay*" will give you all results that has "helfay" in it.


c/ Always Use advance search function.   This will give you optimize results in finding the correct thread/post.


Advance search access button




Advance search functions





  • You can search either forum or members
  • You can search tags.
  • You can search exact or multiple keywords
  • You can search posts or thread title (Warning - searching posts can slow the forum, use it properly and only when necessary)
  • You can search in specific forum (Use this function more often)
  • You can display results as posts or as topic list.  (Warning - displaying as posts can slow the forum, use it properly and only when necessary)
  • Other function such as sorting, topics with # of posts, # of views, etc)

d/ When posting new thread, ensure that the spelling is correct.  This is the most common cause of duplicate threads .  You can always report and/or request to any moderators/admins to change the title in such case.  Most of our thread titles are names of models, in case model has aliases or multiple names, please ensure to capture it in the title.


e/ Use of tags will also optimize search function if used properly.


f/ When in doubt, please contact any of the APS staff/admin/contributors/moderators.

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Thanks po., Hindi ko po alam kasi nung una baka may kailangan na specific details or wildcard., ganito pala

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