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APS Admin,

Good day!

I humbly submit my membership for evaluation and apply for APS contributor rank having completed the minimum requirements for application. Discussed below are my merits for your kind consideration. Thank you.


Requirements for application:
(1) Must be a member of APS for at least two (2) months, in 
good standing, and has shown positive forum activity*

Member since 17 July 2010. Although admittedly, I lost track of the site and have been inactive earlier on, I have since been a regular and daily fixture in the site for the past few months now.

(2) Must have at least one hundred (100) posts to apply**.

148 active posts as of this writing.

(3) Must have at least thirty (30) NEW TOPICS with sense contributed (excluding the application)***.

30 new topics and counting… The links are herein provided below.

(4) Must have uploaded at least 15 files (image sets, videos, softwares, other media) in zip with a password on this format"yourname"****.

More than 20 zip files uploaded. Most of my video files are zip files.

(5) Must have at least 50 likes on profile (Likes are more of your reputation too. Means your posts are being appreciated by members)

Privileged to have 200 likes as of the moment


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