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1. Ash vs. Evil Dead - If you're into gore, slapstick comedy, Supernatural, and - all hail to the king - Bruce Campbell. Season 2 just ended last December but it's only 10 episodes and 30 minutes each.


2. Channel Zero - You do not need to invest a lot of time since the first season is only six episodes long. A second season has already been confirmed (The No-End House). The series is based from creepypastas.


3. Stranger Things - This Netflix show blew up during the latter half of last year. It's kinda overrated but still a good yarn if you're into 80s nostalgia, Steven Spielbergian sci-fi/horror. It's only 8 episodes so it would probably just take a weekend to burn through the first season. A second season has already been confirmed since last year.


4. The OA - Right off the bat, this is an acquired taste but if you're into or at least open to new age kind of stuff tinged with fantasy and mystery this might be a show for you.


5. Sherlock - Season 4 was not the strongest season but still a good bookend to BBC's modern take of the classic. There are only 4 season, with 3 (4) episodes but each one almost feature length.



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If you liked trippy visuals like in Legion, American Gods might be up your alley. While the two shows are thematically different with the latter being way more mature in it's presentation, they both seem to be in the same wavelength as far as on-screen weirdness is concerned.

I know it's hard to judge or predict the overall quality of the show considering it just started, it's serialized so you might want to start watching it as soon as possible if you do not plan on binging it.

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Mr Robot 

The Flash - Fantasy

The Shannara Chronicles - Fantasy

Teen Wolf - Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

Survivor - Reality Show

Constantine - Horror (Season 1)

The Good Doctor


Heroes Reborn

The Magicians (SyFy)

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Breaking Bad - hands down the best IMO

Better Call Saul - related sa Breaking Bad so if you liked Breaking Bad, you certainly have to watch this too

Daredevil - one of the better superhero tv series

Game of Thrones - mainstream pero definitely great as the show progresses

Sherlock - once in a blue moon lang magkaron ng bagong season at three episodes lang per season pero sobrang worth it per episode

Spartacus - action, explicit scenes, blood, everything you can ask for

Stranger Things - strangely addictive

Suits - if you're into lawyer-type shows, this is a must see

The Big Bang Theory - comedic and nerdy but definitely fun

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hindi ko alam bakit parang boring saking ang breaking bad. i think dapat kong bigyan ng second chance.. hehe

my list..

1. Spartacus

2. GOT

3. Banshee 

4. The Walking Dead

5. Homeland

6. Vikings

7. Narcos 

8. The 100

9.The last ship

10. Fallen Skies

11. Band of Brothers



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Dinagdag ko sa mga sinusubaybayan ko ngayon yung "Cloak and Dagger". Mukhang okay naman so far if you're into superpowers or follower ka lang ng MCU.

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Mga sir, list ng tv shows na okay..

Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Outlander, WestWorld, The Affair, Master of Sex, Californication, Blindspot, The Vikings, Narcos, Dexter, Salem, Criminal Minds, The Originals, True Detective, Banshee..


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