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Banned members and their crimes

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Banned the member llinyun after spamming our board three times with the following posts (text copied from the original posts in the Trash Bin:,988.0.html, which will be permanently deleted this weekend):

First post:

Give children the best gift! (Walt Disney 172 Discs DVD)

Do you  think your child sometimes does not look happy? Some children of the  less active? Many parents want children to have many of the talent.  Prominent. They do not stop learning their own time. They have ignored  the kids really want happiness. They may just want to see will be  animated. As happy as Mickey Mouse. Let them have a childhood fantasy  room.Make your child happy walt disney 172 discs dvd good choice. walt  disney 172 discs dvd to send their children the best gift that they will  be very happy.


Second post:

I can't believe this  hxxp://]show  is not on DVD. I had written my Christmas wish list for this past  Christmas.  hxxp:// on DVD  was on it until I searched for it on the internet. I was truly  surprised that it wasn't available on  hxxp:// This  show is awesome. It's so much fun to try and figure out who the killer  is and I love seeing the younger versions of the suspects. They do such a  good job of finding people who look like each other. The use of music  to help tell the story is great. I love that the writers use music that  was popular at the time of the crime. It is such a creative drama and I  try to find every rerun I can watch on TNT and I try to catch it every  Sun on CBS. Definitely worth watching and putting on  hxxp:// I  hope the producers work out whatever the hold up is so I can go out and  buy it.

Third post:

I started watching House m.d about 2 years ago and I am hopelessly  addicted. I find the show entertaining. House m.d and his team keep  things going each week with the story lines and there are usually 2 or 3  going on at the same time. Then add the mix of the drama between House  m.d and his team members and it gets fun & crazy! I will say that I  could have easily lived with out the whole "gay thing" as I don't find  that very entertaining and it did nothing to enhance the story. But  other than that, I find House m.d one of the best weekly programs on TV  these days. Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor and I love his quirky  behavior on the show. I am giving House MD a 5 star rating! Oh and  writing Amber back in for a few episodes is so fun! I love thisshow and  can't wait till next week's show is on!! Glad to hear that they will be  coming back this fall with Season 6!

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Username: Tikboy

Warning Points: 9

Warning given: Abusive Behavior. Inappropriate Language, Spamming,

In violation of Forum Rules 3, 5 & 30.


With 9 warning points already but still spamming the threads with one-liner posts & inappropriate contents.

A reminder to all members to follow the APS Rules with strict compliance.


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