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Origin of Man

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Where did we come from? Are we a product of an accidental freak of nature? If so, are we the result of evolution as Charles darwin's theory purports? OR are we a by product of a far more advance civilization that came from other planets.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic.

In my opinion, there has been a divine intervention from other worldly beings. They took the genes from one of the pre historic apes and injected it with their own genes. As a result, the intelligent human beings are born. The human being that can reason out and determine what is right from wrong.

Mainstream Science will provide us with a bounty of justifications and logical fallacies compelling us to take the easy way out, and reject this theory out of hand, but anyone with an objective scientific mind, will realize very quickly, we have been misled about our origins, and in fact everything we know is wrong, about where we come from.

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We are made from stars that much I believe. We are the universe experiencing itself sabi nga. The specifics is where things get murky.


Risking sounding like a conspiracy nut, there are a thousands, if not millions, of Goldilocks planet out there and it isn't impossible that some might have reached level 2 or even 3 of the Kardashev scale in terms of technology that they have figured out FTL travel and tamper with the genetic makeup of prehistoric apes and gradually over millions of years of natural selection, we get Donald Trump and ISIS. Thanks alien overlords, you da real MVP.


Kidding aside, if the above scenario is correct, you have to ask why though. Why go out of their way and modify the genetic makeup of an animal a couple of million years ago so the first of our race can be born. What is their long game?


On the other hand, a conspiracy to consciously lie about our origin involving thousands of scientists that is currently seeking out the answer is quite far-fetched in my opinion. I can't even begin to imagine the logistics. Also, it's not as if scientists already have the definitive answer that's why there are still tons of research and studies ongoing right now. It's a disservice and an insult to the dedicated men and women of science that have spent all their lives seeking the truth just to brand them wholesale as charlatans.


How about a Supreme Being then? Well, it's not like God is on speed dial that you can call and ask anytime you like and if God is really all-powerful and all-knowing, would my very limited and feeble mind comprehend the grand scheme of things if God explained it?


So where do I stand? Neutral ako. Thinking about this stuff makes my head hurt. Unless those alien dudes from wherever just suddenly decide to pop-up tomorrow and explain what the hell they were thinking or scientists hold a press conference as they have successfully pieced everything together or God appears in a shining light and bestow me the wisdom and intelligence to untangle the mystery of our origin in this planet then I shall remain a skeptic. All of this, all we are right now could have still come from pure chance. We could have just lucked out from that primordial goo thing. Can we prove that it wasn't the case?

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