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      PAKIBASA: COVID 19 Prevention   04/15/20

      Sumunod na lang tayo mga pre para sa ikabubuti ng ating bansa at ng buong mundo. Kaya habang ikaw ay naka lockdown tumambay ka na lang muna sa APS makihalubilo or magshare ng mga magagandang larawan.    Pitong simpleng hakbang upang maprotektahan ang sarili at ang iba laban sa COVID-19 Ang coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ay isang nakahahawang sakit na dulot ng bagong coronavirus. Karamihan sa mga taong magkakaroon ng impeksyon ay makararanas ng hindi malalang sintomas at gagaling. Ngunit ang iba ay makararanas ng malubhang sakit, lalo na sa mga matatanda at mga may dati nang karamdaman. Narito ang ilang mga simpleng hakbang na maaari mong gawin upang maprotektahan ang kalusugan mo at ng iba.

      Ang mga payong ito ay maaaring sundin ng lahat, ngunit napakahalaga ng mga ito kung ikaw ay nakatira sa lugar na may COVID-19. 1. Hugasan nang madalas ang iyong mga kamay Ugaliin ang puspusang paglinis ng mga kamay gamit ang hand sanitizer na may alkohol o hugasan gamit ang sabon at tubig.

      Bakit? Lagi nating ginagamit ang ating mga kamay upang hawakan ang mga bagay na maaaring kontaminado. Maaaring hindi natin namamalayan na maghawak natin ng ating mukha, nailipat na ang virus sa mata, ilong at bibig at nahawahan na tayo. Namamatay ang mga virus na maaaring nasa iyong kontaminadong kamay, kasama na ang bagong coronavirus, sa pamamagitan ng paghuhugas ng kamay gamit ang sabon at tubig o paggamit ng hand sanitizer na may alkohol. 2. Iwasan ang paghawak sa iyong mata, ilong at bibig Madalas nating hinahawakan ang ating kamay nang hindi namamalayan. Maging mapagmatyag tungkol dito, at iwasan ang paghawak sa iyong mata, ilong at bibig.

      Bakit? Maraming hinahawakan ang mga kamay at maaari itong makakuha ng mga virus. Kapag kontaminado na ang kamay, naililipat ang virus sa mata, ilong at bibig at maaaring pumasok sa katawan at magdulot ng sakit. 3. Takpan ang iyong ubo at bahing Siguraduhing ikaw, at ang mga tao sa paligid mo, at sumusunod sa tamang respiratory hygiene. Ibig sabihin nito ay ang pagtakip ng bibig at ilong gamit ang loob ng siko o tisyu kapag uubo o babahing. Agad na itapon ang gamit na tisyu sa basurahang may takip at maghugas ng kamay.

      Bakit? Kung ang isang tao ay uubo o babahing, tumatalsik ang maliit na droplet mula sa ilong at bibig na maaaring may virus. Sa pagtakip ng iyong ubo o bahing, naiiiwasan ang pagkalat ng mga virus at mikrobyo sa iba. Sa paggamit ng loob ng siko o tisyu – at hindi iyong kamay – sa pag-ubo o pagbahing, naiiwasan ang paglipat ng kontaminadong droplet sa iyong kamay. Dahil dito, napipigilan ang paglipat ng virus sa tao o bagay. 4. Iwasan ang matatao na lugar at malapit na pakikipagsalamuha sa taong may lagnat o ubo Iwasan ang matataong lugar, lalo na kung and iyong edad ay 60 pataas o may dati nang karamdaman gaya ng altapresyon, diyabetis, sakit sa puso at baga o kanser. Panatilihin ang hindi bababa sa 1 metrong pagitan mula sa iyo at sa kung sinumang may lagnat o ubo.

      Bakit? Pangunahing kumakalat ang COVID-19 sa pamamagitan ng droplet na lumabas mula sa bibig o ilong kapag umubo o bumahing ang isang tao. Sa pag-iwas sa mga matataong lugar, nilalayo mo ang iyong sarili (ng hindi bababa sa 1 metro) mula sa mga taong maaaring may COVID-19 o sinumang may iba pang may sakit. 5. Manatili sa bahay kung ikaw ay may sakit Manatili sa bahay kung ikaw ay may nararamdamang sakit, kahit sinat at ubo lang.

      Bakit? Sa pagpanatili sa loob ng bahay at hindi pagpunta sa trabaho o iba pang lugar, gagaling ka ng mas mabilis at maiiwasan ang pagkalat ng sakit sa ibang tao. 6. Kung ikaw ay may lagnat, ubo at hirap sa pag-hinga, magpakonsulta agad – ngunit tawagan mo muna ang health facility Kung ikaw ay may lagnat, ubo at hirap sa pag-hinga, magpakonsulta ng maaga – kung kakayanin, tumawag muna sa ospital o health center para masabihan ka kung saan ka pupunta.

      Bakit? Makatutulong ito upang masiguro na tama ang payong mabibigay sayo, ikaw ay maituro sa tamang health facility, at maiwasan mong makahawa sa iba. 7. Kumuha ng impormasyon sa mapagkakatiwalaang awtoridad Alamin ang pinakabagong impormasyon tungkol sa COVID-19 mula sa mapagkakatiwalaang artoridad. Siguraduhing ang impormasyon ay mula sa maaasahang mga tagapagsalita – ang Department of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), o iyong lokal na health worker. Dapat ay alam ng lahat ang sintomas – sa karamihan ay nagsisimula ang COVID-19 sa lagnat at tuyong ubo.

      Bakit? Ang lokal at pambansang awtoridad ang may alam tungkol sa pinakabagong impormasyon kung kumakalat na ba ang COVID-19 sa iyong lugar. Sila ang mas nakakaalam kung anong tamang payo na dapat ibigay sa iyong lugar, upang maprotektahan ng mga tao ang kanilang sarili.   source: WHO

Best First Person Shooting Game

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FPS: First Person Shooter

For more than two decades they've have been the driving force of the games industry, letting us travel from the depths of Hell to the outer reaches of space, taking a detour through zombie infested towns and war cities of tomorrow.

As a gamer, what's the best FPS for you? You know, the kind that made you all dizzy yet still tried playing it.

I'll begin with mine:


DOOM (1993) - Because for me, it is where it all started and it’s not some nostalgia-draped artefact that I'm just rolling out because of fond memories. One cannot deny the popularity of this game, the mods, 3D graphics and over-the-top violence. All in all, Doom’s importance can’t be overlooked even in today's generation.

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Here are mine. I believe each one represents the best the genre can offer and contributed a lot to how it has been shaped throughout the years. It's hard to choose the very best as I think there's no one game that represents it completely. At the very least, I think these are great recommendations for those that haven't played any of these.


1. The Half-Life series - If Doom and Wolfenstein established the foundation of what the FPS genre is, Half-Life informed gamers that you can do a good narrative to support the mechanics. The first Half-Life is also one of the earliest games that has a solid enemy AI - they strafe, take cover, throw grenades to flush you out, and flank you.






2. Counter-Strike - No explanation needed. It's nearing it's 20th year anniversary in a few short years and it is still very popular. That alone tells you how solid the gameplay is.




3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - One of the first, if not the first, tactical FPS. Your whole team will be wiped out in no time if you don't plan your way carefully into each mission. Always bring Ding Chavez to your primary team.




4. F.E.A.R./Clive Barker's Undying/Condemned: Criminal Origins - Horror FPS done right. F.E.A.R. also has the distinction of having a solid enemy AI just like Half-Life. Undying is a very underrrated game. Condemned is a more melee first person and the game is quite visceral and very nerve-wracking at places.








5. Call of Duty - Before CoD, FPS games including Hal-Life puts you into the shoes of a super soldier. You are a one-man, death-dealing, mofo. Not so in CoD as most missions have you as part of a team. One of the earliest games that made use of a "cinematic" feel that has been done to death now and also eschews any health kits much like the first Halo a few years before.




6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - For better or worse, this game single-handedly transformed multiplayer FPS with it's use of XP points to unlock weapons and perks. The single-player wasn't too shabby as well. The Pripyat mission is classic. CoD back then also deviated from 20+ hours story missions and settled to what is now the FPS standard of an 8-10 hours singleplayer experience.




7. Crysis - Almost a decade old and it still remains to be one of the best looking games ever. This game separated the hardcore PC gamer from the rest as you need a very beefy machine to run it decently with all the graphics enabled when it first came out. While the story wasn't really memorable, the gameplay mechanics and the nearly open-world gives you a lot of options on how to complete your objectives which is a far cry (hehe) from the staple FPS of that time.




8. Bioshock - The spiritual successor to System Shock. If Half-Life invented the narrative shooter of the late 90s, Bioshock took it up a notch during the latter half of the 2000s. The twist near the end is also very memorable and one of the shining example of what a good narrative can do for gaming.




9. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - One of the few stealth FPS ever (I don't know why there aren't that many), you can go in guns blazing or stealthily shiv people from the darkness. While the Thief series and Dishonored were better stealth games, I don't think they are in the FPS genre at all. Both are stealth action-adventure games just done in first person.




10. The Portal series - An FPS puzzle game and an excellent one at that. You don't shoot bullets but portals to solve room puzzles that are both engaging and perplexing at times. It makes you think about basic physics and spatial awareness. One of the funniest games too. I hope Valve is considering in making a third one. The cake is lie by the way.









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I couldn't agree more Sir Helfayv. aside from counter strike, ito talaga yung FPS game na nag top sa FPS industry. and since they are developing the VR games i just hope na mag-kalaro ito dun.

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Ok naman ang CS dati, but they didn't evolved. Yun ang problem, if you look how COD evolved the franchise, story-wise, characters, gun, multiplayer, rewards, DLC, etc ang layo na ang kaibahan sa ibang PFS.

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The meta for CS has changed over the years although it's only apparent if you follow the CS community closely. Folks at Valve is doing something right if the game retains it's popularity for almost 2 decades now. You can see the stats for the top games played on Steam and CS has almost always been in the top 10.


Steam Stats keeps track of users and what they are playing at any given time. CS: GO is currently at number 2 just below DOTA 2.


There's also a large e-sports scene around the game with serious prize money.  


The problem with Call of Duty on the other hand is it's annualization. Activision isn't giving the game the time to mature and develop a long-term community towards a single entry in the franchise. Player number dropped considerably for Advanced Warfare once Black Ops III was out and the same thing would happen to Black Ops III once Infinite Warfare is released.


To be fair, Activision is trying to break through the e-sports scene as they bought MLG recently so maybe the way they handle COD might change.


Another thing they need to change is the image of the franchise as gamer ambivalence and franchise fatigue has set in for the game. It is still selling a lot but not like during it's heyday of Modern Warfare. Since Ghost, the numbers have dropped with only Black Ops III showing some renewed strength although still not on par with the earlier CODs. As for the image thing, they need to change their messaging and downplay or rethink their annualization scheme. Right now the trailer for COD: Infinite Warfare is the number one disliked video on YouTube with over a million dislikes outpacing the Ghostbusters trailer.

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Destiny The Taken King is my favorite. 


Online game. Yung raids niya is super fun kasi kailangan talaga alam mo kung paano isolve yung mga puzzle and kailangan talaga kausap mo verbally yung mga teammates mo kasi hindi kayo matatapos kapag hindi. Ang isang raid ata can last from 2 - 4 hours. Masaya siya basta hindi ka takot makipag kaibigan sa mga foreigner.  :d5f02ecd:

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I don't like nor play many FPS games but the ones I liked were:

1. Bioshock - for its gameplay mechanics, art style and narrative

2. Payday 2 - for its coop mechanics, gameplay mechanics, and awesome awesome soundtrack

3. Team Fortress 2 - because this game was way way fun. It's basically a less stylish and hyped Overwatch.

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I can still remember when DOOM (who started it all) came out and everyone was like WTF this is cool and I myself was part of whoohhoow group that got overwhelmed. And then came out the better version which is Half Life.

And now it's COD Black OPS way better than the rest. I still play sometimes :)

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Far Cry 5 cover art shown in advance with tomorrow's game reveal.

The game's unique as it's probably one of the few where the villains are the centerpiece (minus the spinoffs). Since the third one, all the marketing revolves around the bad guy. I still like Vaas more than Pagan but compared to the protagonists of their respective games, they are way more fleshed out.



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My list includes

Doom (who can forget this monster of a classic)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Duke Nukem


Counter Strike

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Wolfenstein: A New Order

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