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  5. 2021 na... still into vaping??? hehehe ako vaping pa din hahaha
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  7. Here's a funny video from an influencer who has helped a lot of people not just Filipinos but also those foreigners who needs helps. https://shrinke.me/5ANxdFJt
  8. what do you think about this fight? for me this will be a hard fight for manny i just hope he wins or atleast not get knocked out if he loses. :)
  9. 1. Arci Munoz 2. Andrea Torres 3. Yassi Pressman 4. Sunshine Cruz 5. Kim Domingo
  10. Tutuo ba ito? Napapansin ko rin lately na walang photos na lumalabas sa Funky at imgbox. Mediafire downloads din "can't find server". ano problema ng PLDT sa mga ito?
  11. gigabyte RX580 8GB , SAPPHIRE NITRO rx580 8gb , msi gtx 1660 super , msi gtx 1660 , msi gtx 1650 super serious buyer used or new PLS NOT OP serious buyer here
  12. I don't think anyone wants to go to war. Sino bang gusto ng giyera at kamatayan diba? Eh pero parang ang lumalabas eh parang sa pilipino pa nagagalit ang mga tao imbis na sa china. Parang, tayo na nga ang inaapi, tapos tayo tayo din, eh nagagalit ka pa pag nagalit yung mga tao. Bakit parang mas galit pa ang tao sa pilipino kesa sa nangaapi sa atin diba? Kung gusto natin solusyonan gamit ng diplomacy, eh di solusyonan natin gamit ng diplomacy, pero ipakita natin na ipinaglalaban natin ang sa atin. Eh parang lumalabas kasi, e mas kampi pa sa china ang gobyerno kesa sa pilipinas. Imbis
  13. Any more free VPN suggestions? Requirement na yata ito for PLDT users to be able to browse APS. I think PLDT just blacklisted Funkyimage, Imgbox, and Mediafire.
  14. all stars from the stories youtube channel
  15. Tut Tut Child - Maelstrom Bassnectar - Reaching Out Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike , Lil Jon vs Coone - Madness and this random Death Metal Track: Elegy - Becoming the Archetype
  16. "So scared of getting older I'm only good at being young" Stop This Train - John Mayer
  17. I'd like to do Slow Rock like John Mayer used to.
  18. Greenday - Wake Me Up When September Ends
  19. Top 5 1. The Godfather 2. Spiderman 1 3. Evil Dead 1 4. Goodfellas 5. Casino
  20. Welcome Sir & stay active! For Forum Rules & Regulations please check this link ... http://www.allpinoys...-of-this-forum/ For Forum posting tips & additional info please check this link ... http://www.allpinoys...um-information/ Enjoy your stay here at APS Forum!
  21. Every leader may weakness yan. Kahit sino pa ilagan natin sa position hinding hindi makukuntento ang kahit na sino man, may lalabas at lalabas pa rin na ayaw sa mga ginagawa nya. Our current President does not want to go to war with China, nakakalungkot lang at may mga keyboard warriors sa social media at parang napakatapang nila at marurunong lahat about the current state of our country and the economy. Baka nga di pa nila macomprehend how big China is. Yes kailangan natin ipaglaban ang ating bansa and not let them take what's ours, pero hindi pwedeng padalos dalos sa decision ang P
  22. Miggy

    newbie here

    @Airnel Welcome to APS forum. Just stay active lang and enjoy!
  23. saw this thread just now. 1 thing ayaw ko magpost opinion ko about politics sa social media is that if the reader doesn't want your saying, they will bash u, report u or even tag u as DDS, tuta or whatsoever. I voted for the current president, i saw the war on drugs is successful (on my opinion) and yes there are flaws talaga in other areas. Like @fate23mention, yung mga nag-iimplement ang sablay. Im not pro-DDS, but i'm pro-govt. Walang naman govt ang gugustuhin mapahamak ang bansa na nasasakupan nya, no country doesn't want to go to war na di sila mananalo. just my thoughts.
  24. Im looking for food packs and pet bottles. paper towels and softdrink plastics may also help
  25. What do you think of the Admin. now? pandemic and china issue.
  26. hello guys, bago lang po dito, thank you
  27. Sino early prediction niyo na magiging presidente natin?(very early dahil wala pa naman kandidato) President manny pacquiao? President yorme isko moreno? President leni robredo? President bong go? President lacson? President sarah du30?
  28. muwu

    Top JAV Actresses

    My top active JAV actress now is Yuu Shinoda, along with her frequent collaborator Kurea Hasumi
  29. Bought Lennovo gaming laptop last November sa US thru buyandship ok naman safe naman nakatipid rin around 60k+ Shipping around 67k ko nakuha pero locally umaabot ng 80-90k pricing i7 10th gen rtx 2060 16gb ram 1tb ssd 144hz screen
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