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  5. Anybody got a unit yet? Worth it na ba bumili agad? Or wag muna dahil madami pang bugs?
  6. 1. Resident evil 3 2.Far cry 5 3.Far cry new dawn 4.Shadow of the tombraider 5. Modern warfare remastered 6. Modern warfare 2 remastered
  7. mga kasama madaming indie films dito, https://pinoymovieshub.ga
  8. Matagal ko na rin hinahanap yung hi-res version nung bts ng sikreto ni kuya. Solid sana yun. May nagshare dito kaso low res lang.sayang
  9. 3 horror video games to play this Halloween: 3. Estigma (2020) Focused on body horror, this timed-puzzle game’s art is outstanding even if it’s rendered in 16-bit graphics, and rich in symbolism and lore. The hypnotic soundtrack is on point. 2. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (2018) In the myriad of community-created modules, there surely would be something for everyone. Fans of the horror genre could get their hands full on games inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and others. 1. Little Nightmares (2017) This game is often mistaken as a 2.5D title, althou
  10. congrats to L.A Lakers Nba Champions 2020 .. Finals Mvp - LeBron James
  11. Entrepreneur. I make Balut,Redeggs, Penoy etc... related sa eggs, except century eggs. D sya ganun kabenta sa mga probinsya eh.... :3
  12. Witcher 3 The Division 2 Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost Recon Breakpoint Days Gone
  13. Last of Us part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima
  14. Waiting for the PS5 physical disc version
  15. kamaro

    Best Jokes Ever

    nanay: pedro! bumili ako ng isda. hala cge, bangon na dyan at lotoin mo yung isda! pedro: hu! pagud ako nay! WTF?! nanay: ha? ano yun pedro? anu?!! anong WTF ha?!! pedro: ay ii... iii.. WTF gud! Where's The Fish?!
  16. kamaro

    Best Jokes Ever

    Sa room ng mag-asawa, may pumasok na killer. Killer: Gusto kong malaman ang pangalan ng victim ko bago ko siya patayin. Anong pangalan mo? Wife: Inday po. Killer: Inday din ang pangalan ng nanay ko. Sige, di na kita papatayin..Ikaw anong name mo? Mister: My name is Gary… …but my friends call me Inday! hahahahahahaha
  17. kamaro

    Best Jokes Ever

    Apo: look at those boats lolo! Lolo: amazing diba, Iho? they are called yachts. Apo: yachts? How do you spell it lolo? ahm,, . . . . . . . Lolo: you are right, Iho, they are boats..
  18. wag sana magpakampanti tong lakers sa nuggets d tulad ng clippers
  19. Conference finals naaaaa. sino kaya makakalaban natin Clippers or Nuggets lol
  20. Will try this later di na ako nakakatulog most of the days during this quarantine
  21. Hey guys Looking for the first 2 albums ng Primus in CD format, yung abot kaya sana paki pm nalang dito thanks
  22. Nothing special. They only offer HJ. But still, with any therapist there, YMMV.
  23. Notice that there is no thread about the upcoming console Playstation 5. As a gamer, i would like to know your thoughs about it so lets use this thread to discuss about the upcoming Playstation 5. Here's some latest news: "Sony has confirmed that the PS5 release date will be Holiday 2020. This means that it will launch between the months of October and December, but a November release date seems almost certain." By: pushsquare.com
  24. RT @iluvinterracia1: Pretty Little Thing Sucking That Huge BBC https://t.co/89KzK99uMa

  25. Malaki ang benefit satin ng insurance specially kapag bread winner ka ng Family.. Meron akong dalawang VUL isang Educational plan para sa daughter ko at saka sakin investment plan para incase na ayaw ko na magwork Pwede ko na iwithdraw ang pera ang start a business. Ang malaking problema lang ay kung pano natin isusustain ang plan dahil karamihan sa mga plan eh 10yrs.
  26. Hi boss miggy,, yes tumatanggap ang private insurance Company ng mga magpapainsure kahit pandemic.
  27. RT @MarchingHere: Not so gentle reminder that under PM Shinzo Abe, the Japanese govt said it's “extremely regrettable” that comfort women s…

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