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General Forum Rules

1. You must not impersonate an APS staff member or any other person.

2. You must pick a secure password and take reasonable measures to protect your account. Every user is entitled to have one account only. If you are caught having more than one account, your accounts will be deleted and you will be banned.

3. Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Posting insulting words, sarcasm, irony, and other flaming words will not be tolerated. Avoid personal attacks. If you disagree with what someone posted, debate their post and not the person that posted it. In a same vein, do not use all CAPS in your topic title and content since this is considered shouting and hence, rude. You may receive a warning or more severe sanctions for doing any of these.

4. Repeated harassment of other users on the forum or off the forum (this includes personal messages sent to members through any means) because of their posts is strictly prohibited and will result in deletion of your account and a report of your behavior being sent to your ISP. All IP addresses are logged and viewable by forum administrators.

5. Keep the profanity to a minimum. Keep in mind that this website and its forum are visited by people from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom do not appreciate vulgar language. The less profanity there is, the better the forum is for everyone. Besides, a foul mouth does not make you look very impressive. If you are seen posting profane words against a specific member, you will be warned and possibly banned from the forum if you continue to do so.

Profanity and any other insults directed at Moderators and Administrators, through the forum, through PM or through any other means will result in banning and an instant deletion of your account.

6. Don't ever argue with Moderators/Administrators. Regardless of your point of argument, Moderators/Administrators have the final say and you may find yourself banned unnecessarily. If you feel that you have to raise an issue to us, you have to say it politely and in a nice way.

7. Pedophilia and any and all forms of child pornography and abuse, or any subject hinting at child pornography and abuse, prostitution/sexual solicitation/paid sex services, gay materials, drugs, terrorism, racism, scandal images/videos on public forums, credit card hacking and any form of hacking are NOT to be mentioned, discussed or directly and indirectly linked to in any way, shape, or form. Any violation of this Rule will result in the deletion of the offending post and the poster responsible to be banned. Pinahihintulutan lamang ang paglalagay ng mga susi ng websites kung ito’y nakalagay sa isang text file na naka-zip at password protected. Dapat din na gawing malabo ang subject ng post at Tagalog ang wikang gamitin. Maaari lamang ilagay ang mga ganitong susi sa VIP section.

8. Always read pinned posts/announcement before proceeding further in the individual section.

9. Spam/Advertisements will not be tolerated. We don't want to hear about your new porn site or your plan to make a billion dollars in one week by scamming people. Your ISP, on the other hand, will be very interested to hear about it and will be glad to respond by cutting off your net access.

10. No linking of images to developer site is allowed. We do not wish to attract unnecessary attention from them. You are only allowed to link to images in your post only if it is uploaded in your server or other free image hosting sites.

11. English and Filipino are our official/administrative language. Contents in all posts are to be in English or Filipino, but we may allow foreign languages where we deem appropriate. However, please post in the ENGLISH language as much as possible, to comply with our agreement with Google Adsense (our sponsor).

“Text writing”, the practice of using other characters or symbols in lieu of actual letters when spelling a word so as to sound phonetically similar to the word when spoken, and primarily and commonly used in text messaging, is discouraged in our forum. If possible, spell out words in full.

12. Do not submit two (2) posts right in a row in the same thread. If you feel you must do this, please combine your posts. This can be viewed as a form of spam and will not be tolerated.

13. Always do a search before posting, so as to avoid posting the same topic. This will help to maintain a neat database and members will not have to waste time browsing through repeated posts. Reposts will be deleted.

14. Post in the appropriate section. Don't be upset if we move your post to a more appropriate section and warn or moderate you. If we do move/edit/delete a post, don't publicly throw a tantrum about it.

15. Multiple Postings - It is simply not acceptable to post your question more than once, or to post it in more than one section. Choose the section that your question or post best fits in, and place it there and only there. If, after posting, you feel it should be in another section, use the 'Report' button at the lower right hand side of the post and we'll move it. We also reserve the right to move posts to other section and delete duplicates.

16. Each post contains a "Report to Moderator" button and you should use it to report a post if you think it contains violations to one or more of the board's rules or when the post has dead links, spam, duplicate topics/posts, and/or objectionable content. Your report will alert all Moderators and then Moderators will decide whether to take action upon the reported post. If you are reporting a duplicate topic or something similar, you should provide a link to the original in your report for the Moderators. The purpose of this button is to speed up the removal of offending posts and/or taking action against offending members. Do not use the "Report to Moderator" button to express gratitude, ask question, et cetera. The "Report" button cannot be used inappropriately. Offending members may be banned without notification. Also, we have a board here (http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/forum/40-pasaway-list/) if you want to discuss further an offending member who has done numerous violations.

17. “Bumping” (i.e., posting a reply just to get your post high up in the list) of threads back to the top to elicit a response is disallowed. Where this occurs your post will be deleted.

18. You must not post harmful or disrupting html/JavaScript. You will be deleted and banned if you do this.

19. No live links or embedded videos allowed. If you need to post with URL, always post with the Code Tag or change “http” to "hxxp" unless it is a link to an internal thread in which case the link, as with all links to our forum, must be live and not coded.

20. You must not reproduce, distribute, or publish content posted by other members without the prior permission of the owner. If you wish to post an image, video, or link contributed by one of our members to another forum or website, ask for his/her permission first. You must not also hotlink images from other websites without proper permission.

21. No posting of links to other forums are allowed. This is to stop leechers who are here just to promote their own forums. Any member with such violation may be moderated or banned without notice.

22. Dynamic signatures like those provided by danasoft or ipbrowser are not allowed. They collect IP addresses an act that's a violation of privacy. Your signature banner must not be bigger than 600x200 pixels and should not be a hyperlink to another site. Advertising to sites / blogs / forums in your signature banner is not allowed. Any signature banner with such advertisements will be deleted.

23. Do not discuss issues about other boards/sites or post their url here. We have no deal with any other board and you may get banned in case of violation. If you really want to post what is uploaded for another board/site, you have to get the permission of the poster from that board/site before posting it here.

24. All download links posted in the Images, Videos/Movies, Music, and Downloads and Other Media boards and other sections must include the required password, if any. Do not ask others to PM you for passwords or to download a file in order to see the password or you may be banned without notice.

25. You should not abuse our shoutbox and forum threads by flooding. Posting of advertisements, spamming, flaming or posting malicious scripts that might disrupt our site, images in the shoutbox other than smileys is strictly prohibited and might result in you being banned from using the shoutbox.

26. Jokes posted under the Jokes board must be long enough to fill at least 5 lines (using default font size of 10). If the jokes are short, combine them under one topic only.

27. New topics under the Images section should contain a minimum of  three (3) images with sense (2 images in case of Wallpapers). One (1) image posting for new topics is allowed only if the picture is really rare or one-of-a-kind.

28. Information is very important so always add it to your post (screen shots, box shots, track list, description, etc.). You must always include a screen shot of a video clip/movie when posting under the Videos/Movies section. In case you don't have the resources or capability to do this, you have to explain in detail what the video is all about. This also applies when posting under the Music and Downloads and Other Media boards.

29. When posting under the Wallpaper section, the minimum image dimension should be 800x600. Any image smaller than this will be removed. If you personally created the wallpaper, put your logo or signature in it. Claiming someone else's wallpaper would result in a moderation level to that claimer.

30. Posting of smiley-only or nonsense replies or short comments such as "thanks", "more please" or other one-liners will be construed as speed posting and will result in you being warned and your post being deleted. Try to be creative when appreciating the poster's work.

31. You may attach files in your post up to a maximum of 10 items per topic. The maximum attachment size is 1048 KB or 1 MB. Allowed file types are doc, txt, zip, rar, and pdf. No image attachments are allowed; instead, images must be uploaded to free hosts such as imagevenue, imageshack, and the like.

32. If you want to request something, take note of the following:
a. You must have contributed in APS by posting at least 10 new topics.
b. You must have a post count of 100 before requesting.
c. Minimize your request--at most ONLY 1 requests per day (24 hours). If you posted an invalid request and it gets closed, that is your 1 request for the day.
d. Make sure that you thank and like the reply for the one who filled the request. Thank in the thread and/or in PM.
e. Do not reply if you're not going to fill the request. We will close the thread if someone replies without providing the request.
f. Don't request in somebody else's post.
g. Put your request on the topic's subject.
h. No requesting of passwords or anything of this type: file host premium accounts, adult passes, et al..
i. If you answer the request you should not post the requested material on the request thread. Post it on the appropriate board (e.g. movie link; post it on the Movies thread). Just provide the APS link when you answer the request.
j. No requesting of materials that are disclose inside the VIP or were deleted/removed on the forum due to complaints.
k. Request that are not filled for a month will be locked.
33. Do not use file hosting sites that specifically require the downloader to first click on promos or fill out surveys or ads of partner business sites before the download link will appear. Examples of these are lnkgt.com, 4gk.com, sharecash.org, envirofile.org, upload4ever.com, dengee.net and other such so-called "link exchange" sites. As much as possible, use a file host that will provide the direct download link and avoid redirection and URL shortening services such as linkbucks.com, urlcash.net, linkbee.com and other similar websites.

34. Posting of VIP Area materials to other websites or forums without the expressed consent of the poster will result in an immediate ban from the forum. Removal of the original scanner's/uploader's signature when reposting the said material will also constitute an immediate ban.

35. When posting under the video area do not use hardcore porn screenshots. Do not embed any porn video but code all links instead as per rule number 19.

36. Do not post any images/videos of "known" TRANNY here in our forum as this may constitute a warning on your part.

37. Posting images/videos of pregnant girl is also not allowed in this forum as this might violate the sensitivity of some of our members

38.  We encourage members not to post the whole set of materials/contents/photos/videos obtained either directly, or indirectly from paid sites.  This will allow photographers, models, organizers and/or the site owners a chance to benefit and earn more from these paid contents, which will eventually lead to more photoshoots and sets and will be benefiting APS and it's members as well.

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