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  1. Halo theme metal gear solid 2 theme metal gear solid 3 snake eater (ost) Psi ops the mindgate conspiracy ( With my mind ) by Cold Max Payne 2 (Late Goodbye) By poets of the Fall Call of Duty Ghost (Survival) By Eminem
  2. Independence day Star wars Original Trilogy Saving Private Ryan Terminator 2 judgment Day Aliens
  3. your right @TyrionLannister but its very hard to make kylo ren intimidating since rey beat him twice already, introducing a new sith this late in the game would just confuse the masses , bringing in palpatine is the smartest move but it is also the dumbest thing they can do, totally making anakin's redemption worthless
  4. @Tyrion Lannisterthey never have plans to bring back palpatine but the last jedi fucked everything up finishing the trilogy at the middle , Snoke is dead his fleet destroyed, The Rise of skywalker spent half of its time retconning what rian johnson did.
  5. Its ok for Rey to be powerful just tell us why?????? Shes op from the start , she was able to fly the millenium falcon better than han solo , bested kylo ren even though she never held a lightsabre , able to lift tons of rock with just hrs of training everthing comes to her so easily thats why she a boring character she's a mary sue the bestest ever..
  6. @dhiesenphi endgame rerelease post credits, a word from the russo brothers , stan lee tribute , a 1 minute unfinished cgi hulk scene , spiderman far from home intro that's all, no extended scenes , its the same movie. @sk8emerican bro where did you get your info? last time i checked endgame is still behind 25 million from avatar
  7. a very good fan service movie , plenty of plot holes but very entertaining and the payoff at the end is satisfying , giving all the original avenger characters their story arc.
  8. im watching this today and im glued to my seat its very suspenseful and the acting is topnotch if you like " a quiet place" you like this movie.
  9. additional 1. Assunta de rossi 2. Nini jacinto 3. Angel locsin 4. Marian rivera 5. Anne Curtis
  10. for sale assorted poster calendar selling as set , no breaking of the set most are mint to acceptable condition pm me here im not always online meet ups sm north , trinoma mrt ,valenzuela area , no lowballers , pls respect my post. all available calendar posted already. wag maghanap ng wala php 600
  11. welcome to APS bro @SentoriMaw stay active , contribute to reap the full benefits of this forum and familiarize yourself with the rules.
  12. help mga bro kakalipat ko lang sa pldt broadband galing globe and im having problems downloading from rarefiles and keep2share filehosting sobrang bagal nagsisimula sa 100kbps up then babagal to 25kbps and lower hanggang sa madisconnect ang download , pero yung ibang file hosting like mediafire , filerio , clicknupload mabilis naman. any help would be appreciated , more power to APS
  13. welcome sir @mihirolover enjoy your stay and be active, contribute to reap the full benefits of this forum.
  14. flame of recca intro dragonball z ; chala head chala
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