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  1. What's better, all other things being equal, a split type or window type aircon? In terms of: Initial cost Operating cost Maintenance Reliability
  2. 1. Ivana Alawi 2. Karina Johnson 3. Jahziel Manabat 4. Andrea Torres 5. Andrea Brillantes
  3. Well you don't need to be totally neutral naman, kilangan lang mulat parin ang mata. Ang masama sa etong DDS vs Yellow vs whoever e nagiging bulag ang mga tao, hindi ka dapat na supportadong supportado na hindi mo na papansinin ang mga mali at puro tama lang makikita mo, tapos sa kaaway mo puro mali lang ang makikita. Dapat naka-base ang mga pinaniniwalaan mo sa mga prinsipyo hindi sa kahit anong tao o partido o camp. At yun nga ang test dun ay yun, kung masasabi mo ba ang mga mali o mga hindi ok na ginagawa ng supportado mo. Tribalism, here or even abroad, is what's coming about since the las
  4. Mocha's main qualification is that she's taken on the role of chief propagandist. And what she does want IS propaganda, she calls it news, but when her news is completely one sided and is there only to champion the administration, then that's propaganda. And when the opposition does ANYTHING, and I mean anything, she's on it rabidly. She once criticized Leni Robredo for standing under the shade: And she loves to escape responsibility by putting her posts in the form of questions, instead of statements. ______ anong masasabi niyo dito? While already telling them what to think by pain
  5. Ang mindset kasi niya talagang best suited pang mayor, not pang president. Sinabi ko to noon and sasabihin ko parin ngayon, mas mabuti talaga siya sa pagiging mayor, na mas maliit and mas focused ang inaatupag kesa trying to navigate the role of a president. And I think siya naman mismo kung papapiliin mo siya, mas gusto din niya maging mayor lang.
  6. Do you really think he picked a lot of these people based on them being the best qualified candidates, or this is more of a basta tinulungan mo ako, sige, maghanap tayo ng posisyon para sayo kung saan meron? I think one glaring area in which the wrong choices are made was with the DOT, placing Wanda Teo and Cesar Montano there. Ano namang alam ni Cesar Montano dun diba? And under his leadership Madrid Fusion almost got canceled this year, only to go through at the last minute. Wanda Teo doesn't seem to have any plan for our tourism sector except to rely solely on Miss Universe for eternity. Le
  7. Of course it will come from China, who else will fund the Philippines at this rate. China has shown it will fund pawns as long as it uses them to ward off the US and make itself the new global power in the region, just like how it funds North Korea. I don't think anyone will argue we need more infrastructure, the question is, anong mga nakatali that we're getting ourselves into in order to accomplish it.
  8. We cannot have a death penalty with a justice system as unreliable as ours. If you're going to hand our death sentences, you better be 100% accurate, and there's no way we are anywhere near that. From corrupt policemen, lawyers, and judges, to a lack of public attorneys and courts and judges, we have no system in place to assure that the right people will be handed the right punishment, instead of those simply unfortunate enough to have landed in bad situations or have the wrong enemies. Once you sentence someone to death, you cannot bring them back to life. There is absolutely no room for err
  9. muwu

    Election 2016

    The main case against the whole "kamay ng bakal" idea is that, if we REALLY want to change and fix things, it has to come about by fixing institutions, not having it based on the presence of a person. Because as mentioned, Duterte cannot be president forever. If your entire justice system or level of discipline is based on him being there, then that just means that all your progress will go away once he goes away as well, because it will become business as usual again. You fix the institutions because they are the ones there for life, they go beyond any president or political figure. If we wan
  10. muwu

    Election 2016

    Robredo seems like the only decent choice. The VP position is a three horse race with only Chiz, Bongbong, and Robredo having a decent chance of winning. Bongbong is a martial law denier, so that's an automatic no. Chiz is generally not trustworthy, he's got connections to bad people, So Robredo it is, and she is a good candidate, she just has no experience whatsoever, and she suffers from the flaws that Mar has to an extent, in terms of being super stuck to Daang Matuwid even if people don't believe in it anymore.
  11. Or rather, most people who would vote for Tito Sotto either don't care about those issues or only care that they see him when they watch Aldub
  12. The only thing that matters with Miriam is: Can she actually win? There's nothing to suggest at any point in time that she can actually surpass the numbers of any one of Binay, Duterte, Roxas, or Poe. She can't even get to 4th place let alone win it all
  13. muwu

    Election 2016

    It's surprising how many are considering Miriam when she has practically no chance of winning, so it would be pointless to vote for her. She has been consistently in 5th place and has never at any point moved from that spot, there's no scenario in which she wins this election, it's a 4 person race.
  14. My senators: Raffy Alunan Walden Bello Neri Colmenares Franklin Drilon TG Guingona Risa Hontiveros Lorna Kapunan Ping Lacson Mark Lapid Leila De Lima Edu Manzano Jericho Petilla
  15. muwu

    Election 2016

    Alam naman natin kung ano mangyayari sa debate e, ang magiging sagot nila sa lahat ng negative na bagay e "politiko lang yan e", tapos magdedevolve lang eto sa siraan imbis na magusap talaga sila sa mga issue
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