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  1. Conference finals naaaaa. sino kaya makakalaban natin Clippers or Nuggets lol
  2. its time for Jared Leto to redeem himself by fighting Michael Keaton
  3. Since the $880m success of Venom, Sony has green lighted movies that will form the Spiderverse. The 2nd Movie, Morbius has finally released its teaser trailer where they show the origin of the unlikely Hero. A poster of Spiderman is shown in it and an appearance of Michael Keaton’s Volture. What’s your thoughts guys? https://youtu.be/Bli5IWC4dZk
  4. @DongsorCould’ve made Kylo undefeatable in the first 2 movies but noooo, they prefer to make him a niether a sith nor a mature adult. Since they borrowed from what they call now canons, they knew and couldve still try to make a better story. Yet they prefer to sacrifice it in the name of money and Rian Johnson’s SJW view. Atleast Avengers never failed to live up on its hype even though the Infinity Saga lasted around 10 films. I can honestly say,people only watch the last SW just because it’s SW. And not for a great storyline that it supposed to give. Well most movies nowadays are all just into that haha
  5. it would’ve went better if they just introduced a new sith, or atleast make Ben Solo way more stronger and the one whom rey has to fight in the end. They just want to have an excuse of making Rey overly powerful by making her a descendant of Palpatine. That’s not how the force works hahaha
  6. I mean its true, its ok for her to be that strong, yet she should've atleast have that movie cliché thing where she has to work hard to be in that level. Doesn't mean you're a Palpatine, you can already overpower a Sith within that time period. Hence even Luke cant kill either both Sith at his time. Really did mess up the build up story from the beginning. Atleast I can say thtat the prequels will never be the worst part of SW series haha
  7. I agree with this. there's a missing piece with lakers, that's why theyre aiming for Iguodala. They need a better defense and a much improved offense, or either of each.
  8. haven't watched it but honestly, I think Rey is like a p2w player. Just because she's a palpatine, she was able to master/learn everything instantly, Anakin(chosen one) took years, and the same with Luke who even trained with Yoda. Yet Rey, who Luke refused to train, is able to do everything easily kinda killed off the story line for the whole 9 film saga. Only Rogue One is the great SW film that Disney produced, in my opinion everything else is a meme( except Mandalorian Series)
  9. This is a very good move. And atleast more chance for our guy Jordan Clarkson to be on a more competitive team.
  10. Mahina ang ratings because of how the last 3 seasons went. Big 2s and big 3s teams are always better than having a big 4-5 superteams. Para sa mga viewers, alam na agad nila mananalo kaya ano pang sense manood kung ganoon rin. Jordan’s bull isn’t a superteam, same thing with Kobe’s lakers and Tim Duncan’s spurs yet those teams can generate more excitement with the teams that they go against.
  11. In every girls na nakilala ko, they always fall for the bad guy and it always ends up leaving us good guys the one who’s trying to save them from it. In the end, babalik parin sila sa mga gago. So is the dark side always better than the light side or should we just stay being the good guys and be fucked up by the bad guys?
  12. This NBA season is better than the past couple. Atlleast walang ng super team. Its super tag teams na. I am and always a LA fan but I still root for the spurs
  13. Anybody planning to post the epi. 2 scene haha
  14. Mamaya na . ang isang taong mahigit na paghihintay! SA WAKAS
  15. I do agree, pera perahan lang yan. Ewan ba kung bakit marami parin gusting manood
  16. Naawa na ata kasi lagi si Pacman eh, no offense sa pagbabago nya ng relihiyon pero wala na iyong eye of the tiger nya
  17. ahhh I forgot about the rules for posting links, was trying to edit my comment but couldn't find the edit button. pakiayos nalang po mga admins thanks and sorry sa abala Mod's Note: Done
  18. don't forget to watch the 2nd trailer of Game of Thrones! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mlhnt0jMlg
  19. nga eh, kailangan kasing gawin kapana-panabik ang season 7, especially at nasa Westeros na kami ni Dany
  20. Official na ang racing fight nila Gayweather at McGreggor, and usual tatakbuhan lang ni gayweather ang kalaban nya. lol kaninoy kayo pupusta
  21. thanks papi, need na natin iupdate ang profile pic para sa next season
  22. Magwawala siguro ang buong mundo pag namatay si Tyrion
  23. Are you guys excited, ilang weeks nalang makikita nyo nanaman ako sa tv hahahaha
  24. hi guys, i cant seem to find the option to change my profile picture. i want to update my picture but i just cant, thanks sa help
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