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  1. Agree ako sir, this is to remind nga sa mga millenials on who the real GOAT is . With regards to the content, kahit paano i get a glimpse on how the Dynasty was created at kung ano talaga ngyayari in the background (specially on the Krause part).
  2. Wild WIld West na talaga. Westbrook/ Harden (Rockets), Kawaii / PG (Clippers), Lebron/AD (Lakers) , Splash Brothers (GSW) .. dont count out the Portland, Utah, Denver.. they're right their in the mix.. My prediction for West COnference Finals.. Battle of supremacy in Socal ; Clippers vs Lakers. As for the East, Bucks will finally push through sa Finals.
  3. Got the info from a Comic Book Group in FB .. and looks legit .. Good thing pala did not watch the rerelease of Endgame. Will just wait for the Blue Ray release for it.
  4. Avengers has just surpassed Avatar for the Highest Gross movie of all time .. May reshowing ng Endgame with added clips, ..Will just wait for the Blue Ray version of it.
  5. Discussion po for the Spiderman movies .. Just watched Spiderman Far from Home , last night ... Strength of MCU is, they are able to build a good background for a B type villain . Rate ko is 7.5/10 .. Possibly due to Superhero movie hangover. But definitely WTF moment sa 1st post credit scenes .. fyi.. 2 ang ending credits ...
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