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  1. leak photo of note 7 it will have a curve sides..(not good for it will be a weakness spot once you want to put a tampered glass for the screen)
  2. welcome boss. enjoy your stay. share care be fair..
  3. your welcome bro. hanapin ko pa yung iba na nakatago sa baul.. sept. 1 ang next fanexpo..^_^
  4. ..use picture for profile..

    who will follow?..

    i dare you!


  5. gsw.. the only im pretty curious of is that how can 1 team can do 4 straight wins.. people here are noticing that the game might be rigged and that the teams might just be playing for the profits of the arena gym and shits.. they call foul if you touch the "baby of cavs" but then if that player did something that is worth calling on technical or fouls action.. the ref just turn a blind eye,, thats just my observation..
  6. opo boss..tama nga yun "cosplay" gerenalize the matter rather than making it just for female or male.. making it general will open to all walk of life.. dagdagan natin to para maging subtopic..kasi most of us have a cosplay side..kulang tayo sa push at resources.. cheers!.. adding more picture soon!
  7. subok lang po mag post ng mga cosplayers.. baka mahanap ko pa iba. testing the waters FanExpo 2015 /gg
  8. VS. Bet Your Souls!. any game predictions?. who will work for both teams?
  9. boss happy fathers day sa inyong ama..or sayo na rin kung isa ka na ring ama..

    tanong lang boss "chuunin level"..?..Pwede po ba magpalit ng nasa baba ng pangalan?..kung pwede lang naman.

    salamat boss

    1. Rockpen


      Yes, I think it's discretionary upon the member. Check the edit function sir on your profile. Happy Father's day too sir janus :)

  10. Lenovo and Asus would be the best choice for and entry level with regards to durability.. Sony VIAO cost too much money.. #realtalk.. HP is Okay..Acer is Okay.. mogul level.. cost wise its fine as well. im a desktop guy. but my first laptop is MSI gt60. cheers!
  11. @Danica Yes po gamer by blood.. ano po game nyo?..console po ba or online?.di po akin yang mga artwork..just sharing the finds. Okay lang po mga boss.. the more sources the more interest the topic will become.. cheers.
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