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  2. i know its not a thing everyone enjoys but i somehow ended up binge watching a few series and since i didnt see a page about kdrama i wanted to make one i just finished "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" and "strong girl bong soon" would really like peoples suggestion on what else would be good
  3. shino123

    Bye, YM!

    I remember the days. When i was still young finding excuses to chat my crush. And guild mates in various games i played. Surprising its been 20 years since it first came out.
  4. Pokemon series Dota 2 Blade and soul PUBG Fire emblem series And all the kinds of gundam games (sadly havent met many people that play them tho)
  5. Who here finished season 4? Any thoughts?
  6. I just saw the movie last week And i just found out about the series from this post xD From everyone is saying Im getting excited
  7. im also a fan. just seeing this post made me remember how sad i was when it ended i havent re-watched it yet but i plan on doing so once i can collect all the episodes some how
  8. i just finished breaking bad and better call saul what is good thats something similar
  9. So i heard there are some more hidden threads. like nsfw and etc. i been curious on how or what will i have to do to see them myself
  10. shino123

    Joke Time!

    Sorry its a racist joke peace! If a group of white people falling down a mountain its called a "avalanche" What would you call it if it was a group of black people ? A "Mudslide" i didnt make it i just heard it from a friend
  11. i hope you guys enjoy i really enjoyed the movie so i found these
  12. He really does deserve it So glad for him
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