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  1. Nothing special. They only offer HJ. But still, with any therapist there, YMMV.
  2. I used to collect FHM. I stopped when it started to became lame. (Around 3-4 yrs ago). Una dumami yung ads tapos nawala na yung pagpapakita ng nipples. Nagkakaroon na lang ng interest yung mga tao pag may demure at conservative star na ginagawang stepping out yung pag pose sa FHM. After that e wala na din. Chaka nagkakaroon na kasi ng digital media at mas practical kaya dun na lang yung mga tao. Takaw space kasi din yung FHM. Nakaka-3 baol na ako kaya I stopped collecting. Wala nang mapaglagyan. I think time will come na mawawala na nang tuluyan ang FHM or magiging digital media na lang siya.
  3. I doubt it. Piracy is here to stay. People will always find a way na makakuha ng libre thru torrents. Though some torrent sites e nawawala na din like Yify. (Na-raid daw)
  4. Honestly, hindi ako bilib kay Pettis kasi hindi ganun ka-precise yung striking niya. I dont know what will happen sa career nun since talo na naman siya. I think the best would go down to 145. Dominated ni Dom Cruz si TJ on 4 out of 5 rounds so no doubt panalo si Dom. I just dont know bakit yung mga TJ Snake bandwagons e nagiisip na TJ was robbed. All in all. Good fight and good night.
  5. Supernatural was "Wow" during the first 4 seasons then "Hmmm" on the 5-8 seasons and "Meh" on the 9-present season.
  6. Ghost - kasi tuwang tuwa ako sa Call of Duty dati na andun si Ghost Pirate - kasi wala akong maisip na astig. Since halos lahat naman tayo pirate (one way or another) kaya ayun!
  7. Can I give a try? What is unusual with the following words? banana, voodoo, assess, dresser, revive, uneven, potato, grammar.
  8. Duterte and Cayetano. But the recent surveys e si Binay yung leading. God help us all.
  9. Thank you wetfox. Very useful specially the Leechblock.
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