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  1. @MiseryXchord @Bobo_697 @austinruse @rightgoddess @CNN Male and female. That's it. Anything else is an abomination.

  2. @SalomeSalvi Im a fan. You do have a cute face <3 https://t.co/j4pCNBqIW1

  3. @AlinityTwitch she'll grow up a thot.

  4. @CNN When you're losing, target their grammar!

  5. @CharmLlares You can try to fight but you'll probably cower behind a male police officer.

  6. @bamaquino Akala ko ba "democracy is dead".

  7. @Tami_Tea_T @frostpunkgame @11bitstudios Not on day 15 you're not.

  8. @CNN Activists gets shot too.

  9. Project Venom V2 is here and real. Be the Machine with Razer’s Nano-Mechanical bot technology. Learn more:… https://t.co/zM6FS6YQyE

  10. @andygoyap Replaced or bought a 1080?

  11. @CNN Wow, that's a pink haired faggot!

  12. @frostpunkgame @11bitstudios What's taking so long? Gah!

  13. @agot_isidro Trying hard to be relevant again? Dumb ho!

  14. @FoxNews Well, people were dying. Nobody wants to be part of the casualty squad.

  15. @StefanMolyneux It's not that bad. It only happens every nine months. Unless, masturbating + taking a dump + sneezing is the next thing.

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