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  1. Pre Kentchan yung 5 days promo nila after 5 days 5dollars na bayad..di ko sure kung iccharge nila ako kasi same day dineactivate ko yung recurring payment ko sa paypal. hopefully di ako icharge. sir Ndsa exactly.. kaya inalis ko agad yung saken e..
  2. @Helfayv sir salamat po i just tried the 5 day premium access.. parang nakukulangan lang ako sa content nya.. kaya diko muna itutuloy.. @currymonkey sir thanks injust did that after i registered.. so to conclude if the recurring payment for midnightph is inactive i will be no longer charged?? or i need to settle the first month?? siguro wala pa 24 hours inactive na sya.
  3. guys good day, just subscribed sa midnight ph. ask ko lang balak ko for one month lang kaso ginawa ni paypal automatic deduction sa card ko.. paano macacacel yung subscription ko?? please help
  4. Thanks sir dito ako sa pinas baka mag bpi ako
  5. Good day sirs! Ask ko lang what credit card would you recommend na maganda? Well for me mas ok pa rin cash pero in case of emergency alam ko kakailanganin natin to. Ask ko lang mga opinion nyo. Thnks
  6. Sir kung mag 6d sya di advisable yung 11-16 ng tokina kasi full frame ang 6d.
  7. Sir meron neto sa Greenbelt, Sm North Edsa, up town center, podium
  8. Hi just want to start this thread, im into this Ramen thing mula nung natikman ko yung Ramen Nagi. You guys might want to share some best tasting Ramen in the Metro. Thanks!
  9. Just starting this thread to those who played this game, im just wondering para kasing chambahan lang tong larong ito sa mga casino. Any tips? Tricks?
  10. Haha same here, got d7000 and a 50mm prime lens.
  11. Nice! Hope i can invest on something din for the future. Now i'm a medical representative and planning to save for my own house but my salary can't give me as much as i need. I am only receiving less than 20k a month. Im lookinh for a sideline im also into photography but mejo mahal magpundar.
  12. I didnt know a photographer can earn as 50k. A programmer also can earn as much as 25k but in a good company. Nagtry ako mag programmer sa maliit na company sadly i ended up 8,900 a month. Umalis ako.
  13. Just a question. Anong site gamit nyo on uploading your pictures? Thank you
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