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  1. hmp! tama ka mang tonyo! tagal na din sha nkaupo para makita ang effect ng admi nya. wla pa ding reflection ng promises nya... sa tama at tuwid na daan daw... ang sistema, dumaan nga sa tama, hindi naman ipinasara ang maling daan... parallel pa din.
  2. cguro id put up money laundering businesses para di mahalata na tumama ako... its gud to help "blindly" but honestly, id help the people i know first.
  3. from a president who has a questionable psychological history, no sterling scholastic record nor a good executive title but "assistant to the..." i don't expect anything but bunch of self- serving officials running around a president who was catapulted to the highest executive position by his mama and papa...
  4. as i see it, f1 is a team sport... no different from cycling that runs numerous riders, "protecting" the team leader. some f1 fans felt robbed because of team orders. speaking only for myself, i would rather hear "fernando is faster than you" or "let michael pass you" than see a choreographed, botched pitstop.
  5. physiotherapist ng 1 team... kaso hindi chick team!
  6. It may be of benefit and convenience to the Mods if all old members register under our old (hence familiar) usernames, but definitely use new and more difficult passwords. Thank you! -most of us did! sayang ung nga jahziel forums natin! h :'(
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