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  1. Call to #DefendPressFreedom but at the same time, it's not such a bad idea to #Defendthetruth

  2. 4. There is one brand which I personally find interestingly minimalist, which costs PhP8k up, but is not pak for yo… https://t.co/cMdLOrLiZr

  3. We stayed home for you. Doctors got sick and some died for you. Businesses, economy and livelihood took a loss for… https://t.co/bvprIkVA38

  4. "Hopelessness is the enemy of Justice. Hope allows us to push forward even if the truth is distorted by the people… https://t.co/1mo1NwgHcq

  5. Yes, and dapat specific yung description ng lupa, i.e. dapat indicated ang titulo. Protection din ng buyer yan, kasi it raises a red flag if yung nakakatransact mo ay hindi yung registered owner. For purposes lang of letter to intent, authorization to sell, kahit di notarized, pwede naman. Pero pag deed of absolute sale (for single payment), or conditional sale or contract to sell (installment), agent should be armed with Special Power of Attorney
  6. @maicaliboon https://t.co/yMTdSZmnpH

  7. @goborjRN Thanks for the idea. Lockdown raket

  8. "Stucked in traffic ka meeting ko, makabili nga muna condo" goals

  9. @PLDT_Cares sent you a DM, your immediate action is appreciated, if not required. You're promising bill adjustment… https://t.co/FGkR4jaXBH

  10. Nagrereklamo si Ate, "buti pa sa kabila madaming tao" Eh ate mura dun. Mahal sa inyo di, pa unli K-BBQ niyo. Hahahaha

  11. Always na lang grabe ang waiting time sa MRT Southbound, like it takes an average of 15 minutes for the train to ge… https://t.co/JSrVipL0Ar

  12. @goborjRN Sino palit mo sa wednesday?

  13. When dealing with a friend in his/her professional capacity, be sensitive enough to extend the appropriate professional courtesy.

  14. @goborjRN Ok na hahaha

  15. @goborjRN Hahahaha subukan ko sa Wednesday

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