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  1. Naruto Shippuden Opening 7 Toumei Datta Sekai - Motohiro Hata One of the Best Naruto Arc with Great Opening Song.
  2. RTZ


    Welcome sir @Longfellow, just make sure to follow our forum rules and stay active. Enjoy your stay
  3. Hello sir. What do you mean na naka disabled? Tingin ko gumagana naman yung search function. just make sure na tama yung letters na ilalagay mo.
  4. RTZ

    Hi po APS!

    Just be active here and make sure to follow the rules ☺
  5. Good day haberdash I think pwede mo ipost ang mga photos from fb, ig, etc. as long na hindi pa siya posted sa thread. And make sure na you post it appropriately .what I mean is kung yung photos is pang crush ng bayan or models/celebrities . ☺
  6. Definitely one of the loyal APS: VIP members in the forum. I hope to see future members like him in the VIP area. We should be reminded that it's not just what or how many a member can contribute but we are looking for that member who can impart a good reputation in the community. Aside from seniority, sir RTZ had shown humility and loyalty to the APS family. 

    1. noturextraordinaryguy


      Are we bringing back the good old "Testimonial" days in Friendster? :cheer:

      Jokes aside.. we're on the same boat here. Very well said, mate!

    2. Rockpen


      Haha the good old friendster days mate :)  flooding of wall haha Cheers! 

    3. RTZ


      maraming salamat sir rockpen and sir notur. sa biglaang compliment :D :iloveaps:


  7. Here is some of my favorite anime songs : Yui - Again (Fullmetal Alchemist) Yui - Rolling Star (Bleach) Asian kung-fu Generation - After Dark (Bleach) Nico Touches the Walls - Broken Youth (Naruto) Keno - Ohayou (HunterxHunter) Kishida Kyodan & the Akeboshi Rockets - High School of the Dead (High School of the Dead)
  8. Here's a full story of what sir maveriq and sir helfayv referring to : http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/news/137509-kiko-matos-baron-geisler-urcc-weigh-in-pee
  9. There are many good reggae music . but these 3 are never gets old to me at hindi nakakasawang pakingan. Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry Matisyahu - Sunshine Matisyahu - One Day
  10. Deep Inside of You - Third Eye Blind
  11. Salamat sir @Vinno B. Rocha and @Smeagol
  12. Dota 2 (1k MMR Gaming), NBA 2k Series, M.U .
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