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  1. I tried availing the monthly subscription. Usually ilan days bago ma activate? Or need mag email?
  2. Hopefully the Raptors can keep Kawhi moving forward or its going to be another rebuild for them. If Kawhi stays north and be healthy Raptors is a playoff contender and might do damage in the East for years to come. Hopefully getting Green and his friend as a coaching staff Kawhi will stay for a more balance eastern conference. Imagine Kawhi going West again? Medyo katamad na because it will be Philly and Boston nalang. Thanks for the inputs sir Red.
  3. Dati nung student pa ko Ran Online, spent like 10k+ in cards nung inipon ko di pa counted yung sa load sa phone. Pero now na may work na, may access na sa credit card. Grabe nag download ako ng NBA Mobile last month I think I already spent 20k sa in game buys. Tas ngayon nag reset sila for the new season tinamad na ko. Ngayon ko lang na realize kung gaano ako ka waldas sa pera.
  4. For sure pairs of legit heat pairs might as well go to resellers. Mas mahal nga lang pero legit naman. Titan, Nike, Adidas usually raffles pag heat pairs like Yeezy or Retro J's. Or try commonwealth pero camp out sila ang alam ko.
  5. With the NBA 2018 - 2019 Season on the horizon I would like to see your Top 5 teams coming into the Season. I will post my top 5 you may comment if you don't agree and post your top 5 as well. I'll start with number 5 5. LOS ANGELES LAKERS With the addition of LeBron they instantly become a Playoff team. Adding the Best player in the planet is probably the best FA signing last summer. Questions were raised when after signing LeBron, they went ahead and sign Rondo, McGee and Lance Stephenson to 1 year deal. This signing came as a surprise since we used of seeing LeBron surrounded by shooters (Korver, Allen, Smith, Miller etc) to maximize his skill set to facilitate and to drive and kick out and as we all know those players said above are not shooters so this move was questioned by a lot of fans and sports analyst. To be fair LeBron once said that he now wants to play off ball and not be the primary ball handler and wants to play with a playmaker. We all know what Rondo can do, during his Boston days and recently his stint with the Pelicans, a lot of people thought he'll stay with the Pelicans because he had a good run at the playoffs last season but he instead signed with the King for a 1 year deal. The Lakers are not a title contender but I'm predicting a 50 below win season for them. The world now awaits how the King will fair in the brutal Western Conference. 4. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS The Sixers made and impressive run last season headed by their young core of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and veteran shooter J.J. Redick. No big free agents signing the only addition they got is Amir Johnson, Mike Muscala and Sixers retainer T.J. McConnell. This season with LeBron out of the East the battle for a new supreme team will emerge and the Sixers can possibly win the East this season. With Embiid wanting to prove that he is now the best player in the East battling Giannis of the Bucks, the Sixers will prove once again that this youngsters can go far. I'm predicting a 50 win season for them as well with the East now getting weaker and a spot at the Eastern Conference Finals. 3. BOSTON CELTICS The Celtics proved that they are actually the best team in the East last year. Without the services of their two all stars in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward they still manages to take a LeBron James led team to a 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals last season. With the return of Irving and Hayward this season the team might adjust because of the way they play last season making Tatum, Brown and Rozier there scoring options. With Tatum or Brown now might come off the bench the C's are a very deep team. Recent signings include the return of Defensive Big Man Aaron Baynes and Defensive Pest Marcus Smart. No other big signings we're made. With LeBron out of the east I'm predicting the Celtics will now be back at the Finals. The great coaching of Brad Stevens steered the Celtics at the Eastern Conference Finals last season with their two all stars back we can now be sure that the C's will have a much better overall finish this season. Celtics will have a 60 win finish this season and a spot at the NBA Finals. 2. HOUSTON ROCKETS The rockets came very close at dethroning the Warriors last season. The Rockets lose to the warriors in 7 games of the Western Conference Finals, the Rocket came very close but because of CP3 getting injured in game 6 they came in short in game 7. Having CP3 played in game 7 we probably saw a different NBA Finals last season since it was a head to head match up. The Rockets GM Daryl Morey is very obsessed in dethroning the warriors and is now formulating a team specifically to destroy the Warriors. The Rockets recent signing includes an extension of CP3's contract worth $160M with the last year being a player option, resigning an extension for Clint Capela for a 5 year $90M, Capela initially wants a $100 Max offer but the Rockets are very hesitant, personally I think Capela is being overpaid, I don't think he is a max player considering that he is a third option type of player, we haven't seen him play the post well and have a go to move in the paint, he is thriving of the CP3 and James Harden assists so I think Capela is being overpaid. The rockets also kept the services of role player Gerald Green, Bruno Caboclo and former ROY Michael Carter Williams. The most notable signing the rockets made is the signing of Carmelo Anthony with a 1 year $2.4m, a lot of people bashed the Rockets for including Melo in the team because of his performance last season. The former all star and scoring champ became the 3rd option with the thunder last season and he didn't perform really well. The rockets loose Ariza who is a 3 and D player and defensive specialist Luc Mbah A Moute which can hurt there defensive rotation, This season I'm seeing the rockets still at the top 2 in the West, head to head with the Warriors. A lot of people doesn't like Melo but I think he will thrive much better with a point guard like CP3. If we all remember the last time Melo played with a pass fiirst point guard was with Jason Kidd and the Knicks and they had a 50 win season that year. So I think Melo will be effective with CP3 and Harden facilitating. 60+ wins for the Rockets this season bet my money on it and a rematch of the Western Conference Finals. 1. Golden State Warriors Still claiming the top spot for the 3rd year straight is the Golden State Warriors. No more long explanation needed, the most recent signing is Jerebko and All star Big Man DeMarcus Cousins. Now cousins is still injured and I don't think he'll make a big impact since the Warriors are coming off a back to back Championship Run. No need to explain having the best back court shooters in history and having the 2nd best player on the planet (arguably) and having a heat seeking defensive missile in Draymond the Warriors are still bound for success. 60+ wins and another NBA Championship. 3 peat for the Warriors and a 3 time Finals MVP in KD. Please share your inputs as well. I'm glad to have a healthy conversation regarding this season.
  6. It's actually between LeBron and Jordan lang. Kobe is a great player pero he is just like Jordan, if you compare Jordan to Kobe syempre kay Jordan ka na. If you're looking for Championship as a defining line ng GOAT dapat si Russell ang panalo dito. Pero to define a GOAT hindi lang championship ang basehan. In this age you can all look at the PER, TSP etc. And between MJ and LeBron angat talaga si LeBron, and LeBron is a well rounded player who loves to get his teammates involved. The only thing MJ is ahead of LeBron is Rings, scoring ability and a clutch mentality. We've seen LeBron now perform really well at clutch moments pero not like Kobe or Jordan. During the clutch moment Kobe / Jordan will take the last shot. LeBron will make the best decision for his team. We really can't tell how LeBron would rank in the GOAT conversation pero as of now he is 1 or 2 rings away from it. I got Jordan as GOAT because of rings, mentality and competitiveness. LeBron is coming close at second. We will have to wait and see how LeBron will finish his career at LaLa Land. If he defeats a Warriors team with his team right now with him leading I can say na siya na siguro ang GOAT.
  7. its between 90's and 00's pero I would put LBJ point guard on offense. I can't trust AI running the 1 position.
  8. 1. Kim Domingo 2. Gwen Garci 3. Anne Mateo 4. Jahziel Manabat 5. Abby Poblador Threesome with Jahziel and Abby is the ultimate dream. Sarap malunod.
  9. kebin

    Joke Time!

    Hahahaha. I had fun with the jokes in this thread. Sana mag post pa kayo. Pan tangal stress. Hahaha.
  10. Ano tingin niyo ang most anticipated match? Inaantay ko Na'Vi vs Alliance (TI3 Rematch) Secret vs EG (big trades) And sana makapasok DC para makita natin uli laro ni w33 And any predictions po sa top 4 mine will be 1st: EG 2nd: VGr 3rd: Secret 4th OG
  11. kebin


    It's been a long time since I've log in dito sa forum medyo busy sa work and anak. Hahaha. Dami na palang bago and naka lock na thread. Need maging active ulit. Havr a great day everyone.
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