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  1. I could say for me it would be Street Figther. To play it you need to have a strong grasp of the basics in order to be good and it takes a lot of practice hours. Some fighting games makakapa mo agad in a few hours. And considering that I enjoy using all the characters especially the grapplers "Zangief", "T. Hawk" they have a unique command input that would turn off a lot of players however mastering it is Ohh so rewarding and fun. As always your thoughts below. Have a good day!!
  2. I'am a ginebra fan pero ayoko makakatapat nila ang san miguel sa finals kasi oo nga parang nabibigayan ng laro. What are your thoughts?
  3. I would go with OKC sana mapakapasok nila ng cof finals or kung swertehin finals pa. I'm just amazed sa tenacity ni Westbrook day in and day out.
  4. Fujin

    Goku VS Saitama

    As of now I'd say goku lalo na with ultra instinct. Iba na yng power level gap.
  5. I would say great sex don't get me wrong I appreciate great food pero well for me example my girlfriend when you're with someone na gusto mo talaga tapos magka level pa yng init niyo, Ayyy maryosep hehe.
  6. I guess it would be neat para malalaro din ng mga bata yung mga hindi nila naabutan dati. One thing though sana may extra content na wala sa original game.
  7. Most memorable boss for me would be the final Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus. This game is a real gem, sama mo rin yng Ico and The Last Guardian. Very unique gaming exp.
  8. Chrono cross and Shadow of the Colossus, hands down.
  9. Fujin

    Playstation 1

    Final fantasy 7,8,9 tactis - Legend of Dragoon - Breath of fire 3,4 - Parasite eve 1,2 - Legend of Legaia - Legend of mana - Castlevania SOTN - Metal gear - Chrono Cross - Street figther ex series - Grandia - Resident evil - Silent hill. Abe's odessey. Honestly the best rpg games of all time for me are still from ps1.
  10. Ragnarok online, diablo 2, parasite eve 2, breath of fire 5 dragoon quarter, street fighter ex 2, naruto shippuden (ps2).
  11. well nagsisimula pa lang naman eventually in the long run pag well funded na siguro mawawala din yung 5Php charge
  12. Fujin


    sana damihan nila yng mga may mega, unahin sana nla yng gen1
  13. really hyped! looking forward to the netfilx series as well lalo si iron fist
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