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  1. APS is still a sharing group. It always has and it always will be. Ang ginagawa lang ng mga mods natin is they're trying to preserve this site especially from ungrateful leechers and to strengthen our relationship with the photogs. Di ba kayo nagtataka andaming rare photos na lumalabas dito that's because of the generosity of the photogs dahil sa relationship na binuo ng mga mods natin. May I ask Sir kung gaano ka na katagal sa APS? As I can see you only have 66 posts. FYI lang Sir even before pa ganito na ang APS. Sobrang taas lang kasi ng hype with Lurmag kaya akala ng mga member
  2. Get rid of the leechers then APS can go back to the "glory days".
  3. Sir Vader sorry wasn't able to update my post on this. Ayos na po siya. Siguro last week lang. Naoopen ko na sa phone and PC. Thanks.
  4. When Dirk retires he'll be the last player in the era where basketball comes from the heart and not from the pocket.
  5. I think they're going to reform the the team. By reform I mean the playbook. It won't the high intensity half court game anymore. Baka ang gagawin nila is run-and-gun type that's why they prefer young players compared to veterans.
  6. Wootwoot. Good luck Sir. Congrats in advance.
  7. Simmons ako. Termed as the "rough diamond among the jewels". Konti pang taon kay Popp to.
  8. Euro2016 SWE v. IRE : 1-1 Zlatan superb as always. BEL v. ITA : 0-2
  9. Late ko na nakita tong thread na ito. What's the update here?
  10. Sayang. Gusto ko sana TOR v. OKC. New faces in the Finals sana.
  11. CLE v. TOR abot ng Game 7. Sayang ticket sales eh. Hahahaha.
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