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  1. I've been using JBL Free for True Wireless, Beats Studio 3 for Headphone, and For wired Onkyo M300.
  2. Here in SG, we are using Starhub 1GBPS fibre connection @ SGD 49/month. Sana ang Smart and Globe mag ka ganyan na rin na rate--and speed.
  3. Bought an S8+... awaiting for the new Note.
  4. I've been using Logitech G502 since 2016 until now. And it doesn't disappoints me. I bought it around $40 in Singapore in one of their IT Show.
  5. Any insights on this game? For those who have watched the Sword Art Online season 1, the storyline and characters are somewhat the same. IGN: Claude02 SERVER 2
  6. Does anybody had a feeling that Starwars will be rebooted? Solo's Spin-off, Incoming Obi-wan Kenobi's Spin-off...
  7. I heard, Yu-yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) will be having a new eps and new animation as well. Who's up?
  8. Then maybe Venom will be in The Amazing Spiderman 2.
  9. Hi! Warm greetings gamers. I just want to know if somebody here is also playing this game. Recently, I tried to search another mobile game and came up with this App, Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings. I've been playing this game for two consecutive weeks, as of this writings. Being a noob to the game, maybe you can recommend something, just to boost the BR of the character. IGN: Claude02 Current Lvl: 70 Current BR: 1.5M Thank you in advance
  10. Septa Unella's exposure will prolong. Maybe she will have a greater role like one of the two hand maiden on Lyanna's Chamber when they handed baby Jon to Ned.
  11. Try nyo ung sa Season 6 if Im not mistaken, "The Starchildrens". Astig Saan kayo nanonood. Balak ko kasi sila I DL sa kat.cr haha napag iwanan na ako season 11 na pala sya.
  12. Yeah, that is one of my question at season 6's finale. Maybe the timeline is long enough for varys to come with tyron.
  13. Uy sorry guys now lang uli naka visit. Haha same lang source ko thru torrent or youtube lang. Haha kung gusto nyo high res sa torrent i believe meron doon na compiled. Pero mostly kasi yung sakin DLed via youtube lang. Tamang nood lang haha.
  14. Yes bro from season 1 to season 6. Kumpleto ko, di ko na lang nasundan yung mga ibang susunod. And I followed him on his FB Page, heard he was on another series with same genre.
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