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  1. I saw this in discovery channel https://www.youtube.com/embed/Mr2jva-8zJs?feature=oembed
  2. Tumalog Falls - Oslob, Cebu https://imgur.com/FIRb77W
  3. Where have you been lately? Where's your next travel destination? Anything you can share or question that requires backpack and guts, let's post it here! Keep the ball rolling!
  4. Just started witcher 3. Didn't expect that the game is really good! Look forward to purchase to blood and wine!
  5. Wait for the note 7 or nexus line
  6. Are you intrested on the latest offerings for 2016? Samsung S7 edge looks promising, I find g5 intresting but im disapointed on the screen size. Im waiting aswell for note 6 and One Plus 3....
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